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News from Harold’s Cross
Litter at shows

The problem of litter at Shows is one which we all need to address. Litter can be defined as anything left behind by those attending shows and can range from drink cans and cups to dog hair or excrement - and no matter how many waste bins are provided by the Show promoting body there are always some people who leave their litter on the ground.

If you look around the Showgrounds at the end of the day you will find that someone has decided to strip their dog while waiting to enter the ring and left large quantities of surplus coat on the ground - please bring a bag and collect up the results of your grooming and either place it in a bin or take it home. Again another look around will reveal the remains of exhibitor’s breakfasts, lunches, teas or the odd can, bottle or ice-cream packet just left where they were sitting - again place your rubbish in a bin or take it home with you. The car park is often used as a litter bin and as a car drives away it leaves behind a small, or even large, cache of litter - if there is no bin in the car park this rubbish should be taken home.

Venues for shows are very hard to come by and unless they are left in as good a state, or even better, than they were at the start of the day they may not be available another year.

Show Committees put in a great deal of work in order to ensure that exhibitors have an enjoyable day out and it is unreasonable to expect them to have to spend a couple of hours after everyone has gone home trying to leave the grounds free of litter. Frequently these show grounds are playing fields on which the owners are planning to play a match after the show has ended - spare a thought for these players who may have to put up with broken glass, dog poops and other litter while trying to enjoy their sport while the dog sport enthusiasts are on their way home. Before it becomes necessary to have litter wardens patrolling and imposing fines at dog shows please co-operate by seeing if a real effort can be made by all of us to keep and leave our venues clean.

At all shows run under Irish Kennel Club rules it is clearly stated that any dog owner who does not clean up after their dog is liable to a substantial fine. To this could also be added that cleaning up after ourselves is just as important as cleaning up after our dogs and that if we are caught throwing rubbish out of our cars or leaving litter around in a public place we are also liable to a substantial fine.