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Court lifts death sentence on two Rottweilers

ON THE 8th May, two Rottweilers belonging to Mrs Emma Kelly of Manchester, escaped under the fencing at the bottom of her garden into a neighbour’s garden and caused injuries to a 9-year-old boy which required a skin graft and stitches.

Subsequently, at Manchester Magistrates Court, on February 7th, Mrs Kelly was found guilty of two offences under Section 3(3) of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 and ordered to: 1 Pay £1,000 compensation to the boy. 2 Pay £100 costs. 3 Eighty hours Community Punishment Order. 4 Disqualified form having custody of dogs for ten years. 5 Destruction of both dogs.

On the 23rd April, at Manchester Crown Court, Mrs Kelly successfully appealed against the ten year disqualification and the destruction of her dogs. With the help of the NCDL Mr Kelly had sought advice from Mike Mullan, a recognised expert on canine behaviour and also recognised by the courts as such, who carried out a three hour assessment on Mrs Kelly’s two dogs (mother and son) 8 year old Sara and 6 year old Zack.

Mr Mullan’s extensive report accompanied by 90 photographs was presented to the Crown Court by barrister, Sharon Watson. Mr Mullan attended the Appeal and was instructed by the judge to explain his report in detail and was also asked by the jduge to give his considered opinion on how the offences occurred. The judge thanked Mr Mullan for his help and clarity and overturned the ten year disqualification and destruction order on both dogs.