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A new service from Our Dogs website

Our Dogs Online (just go to to join) is the place that you can make direct contact with other dog enthusiasts from Britain and around the world.

There are lots of canine related 'groups' on the web but this is the only one hosted by a leading publication that prints news, articles, breed notes and show reports every week of the year. The our dogs web site is also the most up to date source for canine information on the Internet, and has clocked up over half a million visits in its first year of operation.

This site is designed so that anyone can make a contribution. Our Dogs would like it to become the forum for debate and interesting discussions will be reproduced in the paper, if the Editor considers them suitable.

The idea is to create a serious forum for the dissemination and discussion of ideas about anything related to dog and canine activities. The disadvantage of a weekly publication is that all discussions are carried out on a week by week basis and the thread, for the reader, gets lost because some of the arguments and comments are missing. Our Dogs Online is an opportunity to follow through discussions, not just for the interest of those that have taken part in them but for our readers who will be able to follow them through from the beginning.
Please take part. These are your pages.

You can post pictures, e-mail other members, use the calendar to keep track of shows, entries closing, vaccination dates, mating and anything else that you need to schedule as well beginning you own discussions and reading those of others.

Before you go 'on line' you will need to complete a member profile. This must include your real name and, in the 'about you' section, a telephone number, as well what country you are from and a little about yourself and your interest in dogs - breeding, showing, agility, pet owner etc.

Our Dogs Online is a monitored site and all messages are scanned and will be deleted by the managers if they are personalised or offensive in any way. We will also be monitoring the Chat Room.

You can log on now and begin a discussion by going to