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Vetzyme Pick of the Litter - Photos by Alan V Walker

The exhibitors with their supporters and sponsors at the Pick Of the Litter
presentations 29th April 2003

Pick of the Litter was the Briard, Mr and Mrs G T Foster’s Fostebrie Fabulous Dream

The Overall winner and true ‘Pick of the Litter’ with 288 points was the Pastoral group winning Briard of Mr and Mrs G T Foster’s Fostebrie Fabulous Dream, pictured here with David Cavill, Publisher of Our Dogs; Ian Ledingham of Seven Seas; Vince Hogan, Managing Director of Our Dogs; Tony Day of Seven Seas; and making the presentation,
Peter Purves

Second overall and winner of the Terrier group was the Hardmans’ Border Terrier, Bonosue Ozymandious, pictured here with Peter Purves

Vince Hogan, very kindly showing Peter Purves the technicalities of the latest in mouth cleansing - Border Terrier style

Mesdames Dinnage and Green’s Afghan Sochera’s the Enchantment at Sanchera won the Hound group

Winner of the Gundog group was the GSP, Adam Rose’s Isara Kurzhaar Chatline of Kavacanne JW

Lamcraft and Peters won the Working group with their Dobermann Tuffenuff Wicked ‘N’ Wild

Coincidentally the overall 2nd and 3rd of the competition were both Border Terriers and only separated by three points - Winner of the Terrier group was Hardman’s Bonosue Ozymandious with 256 points and runner up was the Dickinsons’ Badgerholme Ripon Garnet

Winner of the Toy group was Mrs A V Collins’Pug, Shadoeme Dennis the Menace from Neutrino

The Rogersons’ German Spitz Nosregor Mystical Myth won the Utility group and was 7th overall with 147 points