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Eurogroom 2003

Linda Forsyth, Jan Newdick and Melanie Winters Holmes were 1st, 2nd and 3rd
in the Show Class. Linda went on the be Best in Show

Eurogroom is now a very well established competition that attracts some of the best groomers from all over the country. It is sponsored by Oster and not only has the competitions that go on throughout the day but has a useful and well attended series of seminars and demonstrations. This year’s competition was held at the Sports Centre in Bracknell - an excellent venue except for acoustics. The judges this year were Myra Atkins, Linda Baker Barker, Denney Lorraine and Agnes Murphy so the quality of the judges certainly mirrored the quality of the grooming.

A full list of the prize winners is attached but special mention must be made of Linda Forsyth who as well as being the Judges and the People’s choice for Best in Show, won the Hand Stripped and Clipped Gundog Class, the Show Class and came third in the Hand Stripped and Clipped Terrier Class. I am always interested in any opportunity for young people to be encouraged and I was delighted to see both a Career Start Class and a Junior Class scheduled

The standard was very high and Anita Bax and Peter Young are to be congratulated on once again hosting a most successful day.

Career Start winner Kim Marshall

Eurogroom 2003

GROUP A Class 1 (sponsored by Simpsons Langley Ltd) Standard Poodle: 1 Sarah Mayell, Dazzling Dogs 2 Mandy Collihole, K9 Klips, 3 Sabrina Combes, Pooches Grooming Class 2 (sponsored by DeZynadog) Bichons 1 Linda Dogerty, Fairview Kennels 2 Alison Rogers, Pooches Grooming 3 Melanie Winters Holmes, The Dog Studio Class 3 (sponsored by Snooze N Snack Denbar Ltd) Handstripped & Clipped Terriers 1 Joanna Angus, Look North Grooming 2 Peter Ensell, Mutts 3 Linda Forsyth, Mr Groom

GROUP B (sponsored by Oster Professional Products) Oster Career Start 1 Kim Marshall - Dedic, Mr Groom 2 Natalie Aidam, Absolutely Animals 3 Vicky Claydon, Chevinside

GROUP C (sponsored by Alison Lee Detangle Demangle) Class 5 Handstrip & Clipped Gundogs 1 Linda Forsyth, Mr Groom 2 Jane Paveley Paddie Paws 3 Louise Mitchell, Pets at Home Class 6 (sponsored by Oster Professional Products) Miniature & Toy Poodles 1 Emma Walton, Look North Grooming 2 Heidi Anderton, Absolutely Animals 3 Kelly Greenwood, Paws and Claws

GROUP D Class 7 (sponsored by Dog World) Juniors 1 Lydia Hogburn, The Dog Studio 2 Fiona Brooks, Dog & Brush 3 Louise Rice, Top Dog Grooming Class 8 Show Class 1 Linda Forsyth, Mr Groom 2 Jan Newdick, Dezyna Pets 3 Melanie Winters Holmes, The Dog Studio Class 9 (sponsored by Beverley Cuddy, Dogs Today) Magnificent Mutts 1 Natalie Simpkins, Mr Groom 2 Lindsay McFarlane, Mucky Pups 3 Mandy Collihue, K9 Klips

Best in show and People’s choice - Linda Forsyth

Anita Bax and Peter Young – organisers of the Eurogroom competition

The judges – Myra Atkins, Denny Lorraine, Linda Baker Barker and Agnes Murphy