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The Eukanuba Golden Oldie Competition
Pudsey & District Ringcraft Club

 The moment the judge selected the Best Golden Oldie.

Throughout the dog showing calendar there are innumerable special competitions organised by various clubs for pup of the year, dog of the year, supermatches etc. etc. Surely though, there can be non better than Pudsey and District Ringcraft Club’s Eukanuba Golden Oldie competition. Whilst the majority of the others seem to be dominated by top winning exhibits, this one is for the real dog lover. Only veterans who have not won so much as a res. cc are eligible, writes Eileen Jackson.

Twenty-two clubs throughout the North of England, from Stocksbridge to Newton Aycliffe, entered and ages varied from 7 to 14 years. (That’s the dog’s ages. I can’t vouch for the exhibitors)

The venue was the Venerable Bede Church Hall in Leeds and as is always the case with this club’s competitions, the atmosphere was warm and welcoming.

The food wasn’t bad either. In fact it was excellent, prepared as always by members of the Broadbent family (Anita, Melinda and Joyce). This time the buffet meal was eaten before the competition started and since it was Easter Saturday and it was a Church Hall, such is the management of the competition, it had been arranged for the Vicar of The Venerable Bede, the Rev Gordon Cooper to say grace and remind us all that it was indeed Easter.

The judge for this year’s event was Staf Van den Bosch from Belgium and like all judges before him, paid his own expenses to get there. How many other events can boast that fact? In recognition of this, the judge was presented with a model of a Boxer, his own breed, on behalf of the club.

Like previous Golden Oldies, the format was for a conventional match but the winners were not declared immediately. Instead, once all 11 matches were completed and after a short break, the winners were then announced.

The winning 11 dogs were then brought back into the ring for the judge to choose the Golden Oldie overall winner together with a runner-up. This year the winner was a 9 years old GSP dog Valger Druid Of Bryburn owned by Mr BB & Mrs FV Thurm and representing North of England Hunt Point and Retriever Club.

It is nice to know that this dog is still shown because he enjoys it. Amazingly the Thurms won the previous Pudsey Ringcraft event (The Superpup competition) in October of last year with a niece of this dog called Bryburn Annastayshere representing North Riding Gundog Club.

The runner-up, representing North of England Lhasa Apso Club, was Mrs AG O’Doherty’s 7 years old dog Marbledale Devil Of A Storm.

 Selecting the Runner-up.

Following this, the losing 11 dogs were brought back into the ring and the best of these dogs was awarded the Golden Oldie Plate. This award went to Mr T & Mrs J Jackson’s 7 years old WSS dog Menstonia Magic Memory

One other award is always made and that is to the oldest Golden Oldie. This year it was Mrs EC Austin’s 14 years old Wire Fox Terrier dog Cardinal Saint Nicholas who was representing West Riding Ringcraft Club.

No exhibitor goes away from this competition empty handed because, thanks to the generous sponsorship of the event by Eukanuba and Our Dogs, everyone received bags of Eukanuba dog food and Our Dogs goody bags.

It is not possible to report on any event organised by Pudsey Ringcraft without mentioning the stirling work done by Chairman Peter Broadbent, secretary Christine Cooper and the excellent committee members. No one who attends these events can fail to recognise the dedication to the cause shown by this excellent team, but as I said earlier, this is an event for the real dog lover.