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London & Home Counties Toy Poodle Club
12th April 2003
- Judging Report

Judging report

I would like to thank the hard working Officers and Committee for a delightful day. The organisation was smooth and professional. My stewards were excellent and my lunch-time chaperone delightful company. Thanks also to all the exhibitors who showed their dogs to their best, and accepted their placing with good grace. The minus points: quite a few of the younger dogs were up to the measure, worrying for the future, and some of the bitches tended to be a bit masculine. Apart from these aspects, however, the quality was both v high and in depth, with some truly outstanding specimens. The breed appears to be in good shape with plenty of keen competition.

BIS: Penfold & Cleaver’s Ch. Shalankas Justin Time. RBIS: Butcher’s Tuttlebees Witches Witch. BPIS: Catterall & Davies’ Flairbeck Gingerbread Man At Novadene. RBPIS: Evans & Evans-Holder’s Fabuleux Miss Congenality. DCC: Penfold & Cleaver’s Ch. Shalankas Justin Time. RDCC: Hurley’s Fralex Dark Saturn. BPD: Catterall & Davies’ Flairbeck Gingerbread Man At Novadene. BCC: Butcher’s Tuttlebees Witches Witch. RBCC: Stone’s Vanitonia Clair Voyant. BPB: Evans & Evans-Holder’s Fabuleux Miss Congenality.

DOGS: MPD (8) 1 Catterall & Davies’ Flairbeck Gingerbread Man At Novadene. Best Dog Puppy. BPIS. Lovely mature looking brown. Strong head with gd chin, lovely almond eyes well set. Moved confidently with plenty of reach in front and lots of rear drive. Many things can change – but he should mature into a top winner. 2 Sillito-Beale’s Malibu Tiger Woods. What an excellent first class - another v gd puppy. V nice head and eye – more refined than first. Gd layback of shoulders with excellent upper arm helping to produce great front reach. Level, correct length, back and tail set. Delightful Poodle temperament and absolutely full of energy. 3 Douglas’ Jilando Eugene Onegin.

PD (6) 1 Thomas’ Sherrygold Sweet Like Choc. Well chiselled head with a slightly round eye. Nice to find such a gd ribcage on a puppy. V gd rear angulation leading to plenty of drive. 2 Gray’s Marcha Silver Henry (NAF). Another gd ribcage. Head lacked detail for me, not enough chiselling and depth of stop. Moved soundly with gd rear, but would have preferred more front reach. 3 Glyn’s Itzapromise Senninha Del Glymar.

PD Black or Brown (2) 1 Thomas’ Sherrygold Sweet Like Choc. 2 Glyn’s Itzapromise Senninha Del Glymar.

PD AOC than Black or Brown (1) 1 Gray’s Marcha Silver Henry (NAF).

JD (8) 1 Pope’s Rognis Oscar Wild (JW). Plenty of foreface and chin with gd stop. Small point – the eye placement not quite right for me. V well constructed both fore and aft. This lead to excellent, dynamic, movement. I really did enjoy watching him move stylishly and with purpose around the ring. In a strong CC line-up he was always in my mind. 2 Evans & Evans-Holder’s Fabuleux Rocco. Another gd head with eye set slightly better than first. Hindquarters had gd bend of stifle with nice hocks. This produced a powerful rear drive. Excellent coat texture. 3 Pavitt’s Saltillo Little More Action.

MD (6) 1 Catterall & Davies’ Flairbeck Gingerbread Man At Novadene. 2 Thomas’ Sherrygold Sweet Like Choc. 3 Ramsey’s Kimalia Just Because.

ND (2) 1 Thomas’ Sherrygold Sweet Like Choc. 2 Ramsey’s Kimalia Just Because.

GD (1) 1 Ramsey’s Kimalia Just Because.

PGD (4) 1 Ramsey’s Kimalia Just Because. 2 Davis’ Kejula Moonlight Serenade. 3 Pumfrett’s Gala Chocolate Surprize.

MLD (2) 1 Bradley’s Montelle Just As Gd. Strong head and eye with a great expression. Nice front assembly, well laid back shoulders and correct length of upper arm. This lead to a really gd front action with plenty of reach. Gd ribcage and topline. 2 Catchpole’s Majorna Amethyst Flame. Great temperement – a real wriggler. His head a bit too heavy for me. Shoulders well laid back but length of back too much. Once he stopped wriggling he moved well.

LD (5) 1 Douglas’ Jilando Der Rosenkavalier. Gd length of foreface with nice cheeks and almond eyes. Nicely arched neck leading to well laid back shoulders with gd length of upper arm. Moved v well with both gd front extension and rear drive. Possibly best feet of the day. 2 Barker’s Starwood Mythical. Beautifully presented with nice head, excellent leathers, slightly too much under the eyes for me. Rear construction was fine but, puzzlingly, he moved slightly close behind. 3 Jeffreys’ Philora Fire And Dance.

OD (6) 1 Penfold & Cleaver’s Ch. Shalankas Justin Time (JW). CC. Best In Show. This dog exudes animal magnetism. He simply walked in and expected, demanded, to be awarded top honours. His powerful personality almost makes him look large – but he stands under the measure with no difficulty or adjustment. Strong, masculine head and eye, well chiselled foreface, gd eye and ear set with gd length ear leathers. Nice front assembly, well laid back shoulders and correct length of upper arm. Rear angulation was excellent. Moved as if he owned the place without putting a foot wrong, but with plenty of drive. Quite simply, this is a fabulous Poodle. 2 Hurley’s Fralex Dark Saturn. Res CC. Another v gd dog with an excellent head and eye and beautifully presented. Shoulders, upper arm and legs all well proportioned and correct. Didn’t disappoint on the floor and moved v well. 3 Stone & Cox’s Vanitonia The Barrister.

OD AOC than Black or Brown (1) 1 Forsyth’s Ribblehome Dougal Poogle. Well trimmed dog who was v lively, but his handler worked well to get the best out of him. Nice head with a lovely soft expression. Gd reach of neck with a slightly long back.

V (3) 1 Douglas’ Ch Jilando The Legend. What a delightful class. They were all there to show that they weren’t past it and show these young ‘uns a thing or too. Extremely well constructed dog, especially the shoulders and upper arm. Ramrod straight topline. Put all in on the move, which was still sound and with plenty of energy. 2 Pumfrett’s Brenina Evie Est Noir. Excellent coat, a real compliment to the dog and owner. As with all three, moved with loads of energy. Front needed slightly more extension, but the rear was gd. 3 Cooper’s Ajanti Simply Stunning At Stonelaw.

Any Other Clip (3) 1 Sillito-Beale’s Malibu The Gd Times. Nothing to hide with this clip – but then again evthing was worthy of viewing. Classic head and eye from this kennel. Lovely arched neck leading to an excellent body with v gd ribs and topline. Easy to spot the sound front and rear movement. Great temperament. 2 Rickman’s Katine Sugar Baby. Pretty head with gd eye shape and setting. Front assembly was gd leading to plenty of front reach. Rear was a bit stilted on the move. 3 Glyn’s Glymar Maranello Magic.

BITCHES: MPB (8) 1 Watts’ Micador Wild And Wicked. Petite bitch with a delightful, charming, temperament. Delicate head and eye. Gd shoulders with a well rounded rib cage. Moved well with plenty of front reach. 2 Ingram’s Tirkane Angels Kiss. Excellent coat which was well presented. Well proportioned head and eye – but slightly masculine for me. Constructed well throughout and moved really well. 3 Davies’ Flairbeck Dance With A Witch.

PB (5) 1 Evans & Evans-Holder’s Fabuleux Miss Congenality. Best Bitch Puppy. Res BPIS. Nice head and eye that, I feel, will improve as she reaches maturity. Superb body with excellent ribcage and topline and looking really well balanced. Once on the floor moved soundly both front and rear. 2 Jones’ Melucy Romance And Roses. V pretty bitch well presented. Nicely arched neck leading to a short back. V gd front reach. 3 Forsyth’s Ribbleholme A Dream.

PB Black or Brown (1) 1 Forsyth’s Ribbleholme A Dream. Gd solid colour. Head slightly too heavy for me. However, lovely neck with gd shoulders producing a gd front movement. Rear was a bit stilted and could have had more drive.

PB AOC than Black or Brown (2) 1 Riddett’s Wightwonder Rosie Glow. Fabulous deep apricot colour. Head a bit too masculine, but was, in fairness, well balanced. Lovely shape overall with really nice topline. Moved steadily. 2 Farrands’ Philora Silver Effegy Of Glaxus. Petite gd soloured silver. Fine head, but with slightly wide base. However, gd shaped eyes set well.

JB (6) 1 Hannar’s Kasado Lil’edream To Janucy (JW). This was a v difficult class to choose between first and second. Both had lovely feminine heads with well placed eyes full of expression. Both had gd coats that were excellently presented. The first had v gd shoulders and upper arms that produced excellent front extension. Both moved soundly with style and energy around the ring. Ultimately, the better front extension of the first place got the nod. 2 Land’s Stephanelle Atomic Kitten. 3 James-Kirby’s Rognis Dreaming Of Mexico.

ND (1) 1 Davies’ Flairbeck Dance With A Witch.

GB (1) 1 McGough’s Jilando Nana Mouskouri At Robette. Delightful character whose inquisitive nature made her want to stop and examine the lines on the floor! When she did get going her v gd rear angulation produced plenty of drive.

PGB (10) 1 Davis’ Kejula Love In The Dark. Well balanced head, but not quite feminine enough for me. Overall construction was v sound and delightful to discover. Lovely coat with lustrous colour. Gd construction will always produce gd movement – and no exception here. 2 Watts’ Micador Munchies. Brown bitch with a better, more feminine, head and eye. Again well constructed, particularly gd, well sprung ribcage. Gd feet and moved well. 3 Thomas’ Sherrygold She’s The One

. MLB (5) 1 Butcher’s Tuttlebees Witches Witch. CC. Res BIS. Lovely head and eye with gd chin, well chiselled, but always looking feminine. Fabulous construction. The more I examined her, the more it was apparent that evthing was exactly where it should be, well proportioned and quite correct. Her overall balance is simply outstanding. She had a calm self-assured presence. Once on the floor, it all came together and was a delight to watch. This bitch deserves a v long look at by any judge. 2 Tampsett’s Missu Time ‘N’ Tide. I really liked the construction of this bitch as well. Cobby body that was well balanced and of gd length. Pretty head with nice almond eyes and a melting expression. She moved v well with lots of rear drive. 3 Thomas’ Sherrygold She’s The One.

LB (8) 1 Ingram’s Tirkane Miss Devious. Another bitch that was soundly constructed with a gd ribcage. Nice length of foreface with gd stop and almond eyes. Rear angulation was gd and produced plenty of rear drive. 2 Sillito-Beale’s Malibu The Cat’s Pyjamas. V petite bitch with a delightful foreface. However, I felt that the eyes did not quite sit right. Immaculately presented and moved soundly both fore and aft with plenty of energy. 3 Sheppard’s Mikasa First Edition.

OB (6) This was a strange class in that there appeared to be several different "types". 1 Stone’s Vanitonia Clair Voyant. Res CC. Delightfully feminine, petite bitch. Pretty head and eye with a lovely expressive look. Well constructed throughout, in particular her front assembly was excellent She put all in on the move, plenty of rear drive – but her front extension was marvellous. 2 Hurley’s Belgian & Luxembourg Ch Fralex Dark Secret. Her head is perfectly proportioned but slightly masculine for me. Nevertheless a v pleasing expression. Laid back shoulders with gd angulation of the upper and lower arms. Moved well with a great deal of showmanship. 3 Tampsett’s Missu Time ‘N’ Tide.

OB Under 10 inches (1) 1 Cookson’s Claumaur Lovin Me, Lovin You. (JW) Extremely petite but never loosing the overall Poodle look. V nicely balanced, nice ribcage and gd topline and tail set. Moved well, particularly gd front.

OB AOC Black or Brown (7) 1 Barker’s Starwood Faerie Nuff. Beautifully presented white. V pleasing head and eye. Nicely proportioned throughout with a v graceful neck and topline. Moved soundly. 2 Riddett’s Wightwonders Rosie Glow. Apricot. Nice foreface but cheeks slightly too much for me. Well constructed with gd head carriage. Showed well on the floor, moving soundly both fore and aft. 3 Martin’s Philora Silver Bramble.

Adrian Perry Coxall (Judge)