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NCDL rewarded at prestigious ISP awards 2003
- sole charity to receive accolades at awards ceremony

The UK's largest dog welfare charity, the NCDL, has picked up two prestigious awards for the marketing of its neutering campaign at the promotional marketing industry's leading awards ceremony, the ISP Awards 2003.

The NCDL was also the only charity in the awards line-up from nearly thirty other top promoters.

The charity won a Silver award for 'Consumer Trial' and a Bronze award for 'Integrated'. The creative behind NCDL's neutering campaign was from 141, a leading integrated agency.

Adrian Burder, Marketing Director, NCDL, commented: "We are thrilled to have been awarded with two top accolades from the ISP. Promotional marketing is an important part of the marketing mix and we value our sales promotion work very highly. 141 are an excellent agency who have once again helped us to produce the very best in promotional marketing for the NCDL."

Managing director of 141, Dennis Kerslake said: "These awards are testament to our investment in planning and creative and the close working relationship between these two key departments. We are utterly committed to finding ‘the big idea’ for each campaign that works across all media from events to direct mail and have confirmed our position as one of the UK’s top agencies when it comes to creating ground-breaking and effective campaigns."

Neutering is one of the NCDL's most important campaigns. The charity promotes the benefits that neutering gives to owner and dog, including:

- Removing the risk of your dog developing certain kinds of cancer, e.g, testicular and womb cancers
- It can reduce aggression and behavioural problems in male dogs
- It can stop embarrassing behaviour in male dogs!
- It can prevent male dogs chasing local female dogs and trying to escape at any given opportunity, running across busy roads and even jumping out of high windows
- Removing instances of 'phantom pregnancies' in bitches
- Preventing a bitch coming into season (on heat) twice a year. Each season lasts for about three weeks and with some dogs can be quite messy
- Removing the need for a bitch in season to try anything to escape and follow her instincts.