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Poodle CC record holder Rigsby dies

As we go to press, we are sorry to learn of the death of the Miniature Poodle, Liz and Nev Holmes-Leak’s Ch Navarre’s Executive, in the early hours of Monday morning.

‘Rigsby’ was 18 years and seven months old, and had been fit and well the previous day, so much so that he was caravanning the the SKC at the weekend, where his grand-daughter Ch Navarre Is Explicit JW had been in the Champion Stakes final.

He was sired by Ch Suecliff Knight Errant at Kertellas out of the top winning bitch, Ch Exclusive to Navarre, and was an only puppy in the litter, born on 25th October 1984. His meteoric career started at six months of age, where he won a first under Leslie Page. Leslie was also the last person to judge Rigsby at the Pedigree Veteran Finals, at 11 and a half years of age. He retired from the showring the same day.

Rigsby won a total of 59 CCs, all under different judges. He won his first CC aged 10 months, and his final CC came just three weeks short of his 10th birthday. He won 10 groups (including Crufts) and 10 Reserve groups. His three All Breed BISs came at SKC (Aug) 1987 (pictured here); Driffield in 1989 and South Wales in 1990. He also won two Res BISs at Leeds and Bath.

He won a staggering 17 Pedigree Stakes classes in Champions and Veterans, qualifying nine times for the finals (which no other dog has ever done) and was runner-up the other eight times. He was placed third in the Champion Stakes finals in 1991, and then won the Veteran Stakes finals in 1992, was second in 1993 and third in 1995.

Rigsby also won the Pro-Dogs Stakes finals in 1991, just a few weeks after Liz and Nev finally tied the knot! He also won the Hardy Veteran finals in 1991.

He was the sire of several Champions, including the BIS winner Ch Brenard Excels with Navarre and the Reserve group winner, Ch Navarre Is Exquisite (both of them qualified for the Pedigree Champions’ Stakes finals). His grandchildren, Ch Navarre Is Exemplary JW and Ch Navarre Is Explicit JW are now both championship show group winners.

So the line goes on, but a great showdog and fabulous companion has now passed on.