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NCDL bids fond farewell to Paul DeVile

Veterinary Director retires after 15 years

During his years at the NCDL, Paul has been responsible for some of the most innovative changes in canine welfare in the UK, including the introduction of a sanctuary for dogs considered unsuitable for rehoming and the building of the charity’s Dedicated Training Centre. Paul was also fundamental in the setting up of the NCDL’s Canine Welfare Awards Committee, and the Centenary Trust Fund.

He was one of the directors responsible for starting the charity’s extensive microchipping and neutering campaigns to reduce the stray dog population.

Paul DeVile comments:

"I will certainly miss the NCDL, staff and dogs, and also that wonderful sense of camaraderie. One of the aspects I have most enjoyed is the charity’s transformation from being simply a "rescue" organisation, to being an organisation which pro-actively works hard to stop healthy dogs being destroyed. This is an organisation which never stands still."

Paul will not be leaving the NCDL behind as he will once again join the charity’s Board of Trustees. Paul will be one of several vets on the Board, which includes Dr Andrew Higgins, Rose McIlrath, Edward Chandler and Keith Butt. The NCDL’s Chief Executive, Clarissa Baldwin, is one of the many members of the charity staff who will miss Paul.

Clarissa adds:

"Of course it’s sad to say goodbye to Paul after he has done so much for dogs in this country. We all wish him the very happiest of retirements. I shall certainly miss his tremendous enthusiasm and his sense of humour."