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Thieves break in to NCDL Kenilworth
Local Dog Rehoming Centre Ransacked

A terrible sight greeted staff arriving for work at NCDL Kenilworth two weeks ago. The Rehoming Centre had been broken into overnight and thousands of pounds worth of property had been stolen.

NCDL Kenilworth is currently undergoing a rebuild that is being paid for entirely by public donations. The centre only celebrated the completion of the first phase of the rebuild last month – a situation which thieves have taken advantage of. Many buildings were broken into and computers, monitors and even telephones were stolen. Sandra Wilson, NCDL Kenilworth Manager, explains: "What kind of a person steals from a charity? So many people have donated money towards this rebuild which will enable us to continue to care for stray and abandoned dogs. It is shameful that these people would take from us.

"My only consolation is that the thieves did not attempt to enter the kennels. Many of the dogs here have already been through enough. We are now working with the police to make sure the culprits are caught. If you have any information on the break in, please do call Warwick Police Station on 01926 410 111."

Staff believe that the thieves may have visited the Rehoming Centre over the last couple of weeks to check out the site. The centre’s newest facility to be completed is the surgical suite. Staff had been very proud of the new building and excitedly shown visitors around. Sadly, this building was also ransacked.

The centre was closed as police searched for clues as to who would steal from the charity, but has now reopened to the public.

NCDL Kenilworth is the largest of the NCDL’s 15 Rehoming Centres and its rebuild is due to be completed in January 2004.