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Virgin passes with flying colours!

OUR DOGS readers will remember that Valerie Link’s Isobel was to become the first canine passenger to use the new Virgin Atlantic approved route from USA to Britain. We are delighted to report that Valerie - and Isobel - enjoyed a highly successful maiden flight on Monday May 19th! As Valerie - shown right with Isobel - told OUR DOGS:

‘The cargo staff in Los Angeles were superb, they kept Isobel in their offices until about 90 minutes before the flight and then took her to the plane, where someone sat with her until the cabin doors were to close for takeoff; they then shut her in the animal hold (which is fully pressurised, heated and lit).

‘On this end as I was walking off the plane a member of the cargo staff met me at the door and assured me Isobel was fine and already on her way to the Animal reception Centre at Heathrow. By the time I arrived there she was already released. All of her paperwork had been completed in less time that it took me to clear customs! I can't tell you the feeling I had just walking Isobel outside, off the flight. No kennels, no complications, little worry. It was fantastic.’

Anyone wanting any further information from Virgin should contact or 020 8893 2222