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Blair keen to force through hunting bill

Earlier this week ministers signalled that the government would be prepared to use the Parliament Act to force the hunting with dogs legislation which was left in tatters by the Lords.

Leader of the House, Peter Hain said the Lords would not be allowed to block the ‘will of the Commons’ where the majority voted in favour of the ban.

Press reports said that the proposals will be included in the Queen’s Speech on November 26th.

Speaking on Sky News Hain said that the House of Lords had no right to destroy the bill which had had the support of the people and which had also had massive support in the House of Commons.

The Government’s original bill ‘the middle way’ would have allowed hunting under licence in selected areas. But a greater majority of MPs voted in June for an amendment that would have banned hunting outright.

Blow by blow - the lively debate see Lords reverse hunting bill