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Endal – the 1st dog to visit the new Kennel Club gallery

On the 27th October, Allen Parton, with his famous Canine Partner, Endal, visited the Kennel Club offices in London where Endal made Kennel Club history by becoming the first dog to visit the new Kennel Club Art Gallery which opened in September this year.

Endal has probably become one of the most famous dogs in Britain over the last few years where he has captured the nation’s imagination with the new lease of life he has enabled Allen to lead. Endal has so many impressive talents including the ability to use a cash dispenser and also in the case of Allen suffering a black out, Endal is able to move him into the recovery position, cover him with a blanket and activate the emergency phone.

Said Allen; "It was lovely for Endal and I to finally visit the Kennel Club after being involved in Crufts and Discover Dogs for the last few years. We enjoyed seeing the new Kennel Club Gallery and were very interested to see the Kennel Club collection as well as being fortunate to view the temporary Bloodhound exhibition which was very impressive."

Caroline Kisko, Secretary to the Kennel Club continued; "The Kennel Club were delighted to be able to show Allen the new Kennel Club Picture Gallery which shows the history and progress of the dog throughout the ages and of course through different artist impressions.

It was also amazing for the Kennel Club staff to see just how much Endal does for Allen, demonstrating to us just how dogs can help mankind. It is dogs like Endal that reinforce the aims of the Kennel Club to promote and protect the dog’s role in our society and the Gallery dedicated to dogs gives further recognition for all they do for mankind."