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Greyhounds become canine blood donors

We all know that by becoming a blood donor, a person can potentially save someone else’s life. Well, the same goes for animals too and this week 20 generous greyhounds gave blood to help other dogs less fortunate than themselves.

The pilot donation was arranged by national charity, the Retired Greyhound Trust, which was approached by Medivet, a veterinary practice with 37 branches across the South East.

Medivet is hoping over time to establish a national blood bank for dogs. By taking 500 ml of blood from each dog, two other dogs - of any breed - will be able to receive a potentially live saving blood transfusion.


Ivor Stocker, chairman, Retired Greyhound Trust, explained, "Greyhounds are typically calm and gentle creatures and this, combined with a blood type that can be matched to any dog, as well as easy-to-find veins, makes them the perfect donor. We were really proud of the way the greyhounds behaved – they were all very brave, though I have to admit that the girls were more so than the boys!"

Asher Teper, senior partner, Medivet said, "On the basis of the success of this initial trial, we hope to roll out similar donations more widely at other branches of the Retired Greyhound Trust. Blood transfusions enabled by these donations really are lifesavers for the dogs that receive them. Greyhounds, unlike other breeds, do not get blood transmitted diseases, which is yet another reason why the make great donors."

The donation took place at the Retired Greyhound Trust’s Croftview Kennels near Meopham in Kent – All the greyhounds living there have retired from racing and are now looking for a new home in a domestic environment.

Greyhounds have generous hearts - as shown by their willingness to give blood - and deserve a generous owner. If you think that you might be able to give a greyhound a home, have a greyhound that could give blood, or would like to find out more about the work of the Retired Greyhound Trust, call the Trust nationally on 0870 444 0673, or visit