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Mrs Joy Ackland

Joy Ackland, Honorary Secretary of the Exonian Canine Association, died quietly in her sleep in early September 2003. She had been seriously ill for some time battling bravely with cancer.

Joy was involved in the world of dogs for over 60 years. She married three times and lost her second husband in an horrendous car accident. She was so badly injured herself, doctors said she would never walk again. However, they had not bargained for Joy’s determination, and eventually after a long spell in hospital, she overcame her disabilities. She had a long association with Flo Walsh (Chervanna) - current president of Exonian CA - and Gillian Ash and Edna Day (Gregrise), and was one of a lively quartet made up of Pam Sedgemore and Kay Holmes (both now deceased), and Ken Bounden, the current Vice president of the Exonian C.A.

Joy’s first dog was a rescued German Shepherd. This dog went everywhere with her when she was in the RAF. Joy then became interested in training, and from there into showing.

She bred several Cruft’s winners in G.S.Ds but never made up a Champion in the breed. Joy bred and exhibited Australian Terriers and made up a Champion, but went back to her first love, German Shepherd Dogs. Two of Joy’s most outstanding dogs were Renygar Morweena of Devonmead - a triple JW winner - and That’s My Boy of Devonmead (R.C.C. winner).

Joy judged all working and pastoral breeds at open shows. She gave tickets at Leicester championship show in 1990, in bitches at the Paignton and District Fanciers’ Association Championship show in 1992, and then Three Counties in 2000. She was one of the founder members of the Exeter Dog Training Club and, the Exeter Boxer Club, both still going strong. But it is for her involvement in the Exonian Canine Association that Joy is very well known.

The Association was founded in 1927, and her energy and experience has had the two open shows among the biggest in the South West. As a teenager, Joy started as Cup Steward.

She then graduated to committee, then becoming secretary for thirty years. Joy was a hard working and dedicated secretary who was making vital decisions right up to the days before her death. She will be a great loss to the Association and to the dog showing world.

Erica Cranmer