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Shows and the postal dispute

RECENT DISRUPTION of the Royal Mail service in certain areas may have caused a delay in the receipt of some entries for the LKA show. On Kennel Club advice and with the limited time available, entries have been dealt with to the best of our ability in the circumstances, and over 8000 forms have been checked in.

The National Exhibition Centre and the local authority required detailed floor plans several weeks before the show and our architect cannot proceed with these until the number of dogs in each breed is known. Such figures can only be produced by computer when all the entry forms have been keyed into the database.

Both stages of preparation for the show are, of necessity, confined to a very tight time scale. Should any entries be received which are too late for inclusion, we will return them as quickly as possible.

The LKA apologises for this but we hope exhibitors will understand that the situation is totally outside our control.

London Cocker Spaniel Society

The Kennel Club is allowing the society to close its entries later for its show on December 7th. Exhibitors can enter or check receipt of entries already sent with secretary Doug Telford on 01268-751342 or by e-mail on

Thetford & DCS

Stella Clark tells us that their entries closing date has been extended to November 13th. Anyone wishing to fax entries can do so on 01953-454246.

Coventry Gundog Society

Alternative arrangements are in place to accept entries by fax at Fosse Data Systems on 01788-860969 or to the show secretary on 0121-436 6556 with payment of entry fees to follow or to be paid on arrival at the show.

On-line entries can be made on with payment by credit card. Entries will be accepted up to November 21st. - enquiries to Mrs G M Lewis 0121-430 3889.

Stroud & DCS

Stroud CS show has extended its entries closing date to November 10th.