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Charity in desperate need of young dogs

Earls Court 2, London 22-23 November 2003

The charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People trains dogs to alert deaf people to everyday household sounds.

At present the Charity places 130 trained hearing dogs a year with deaf people, but this figure is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve due to a desperate shortage of puppies and young dogs with the right temperament coming into the training scheme. Chris Allen, puppy socializing manager, explains the problem. "In order to try and cut the waiting list of deaf applicants we need to train more dogs, but finding the right dogs in rescue centres is proving incredibly difficult. For this reason we are appealing to the public and to breeders to think of us if they have a puppy or young dog that they think may be suitable for training."

Donors of puppies and dogs to the Charity are kept informed of their dog’s progress all the way through the training process, and they have the satisfaction of knowing that their puppy is one day going to make a huge difference to the life of a deaf person. One such grateful recipient is Pat Preston from Windsor in Berkshire, who emphasizes how important her hearing dog Harry is to her. "Without doubt, Harry my lovely hearing dog has changed and enriched my life more than I can say. He has helped me so much, not only by working for me, but by enabling me to face the future with confidence about my deafness."

Ideally Hearing Dogs is looking for small to medium-sized dogs aged between six weeks and three years, and the Charity trains most breeds as well as crossbreeds and mongrels.
"Without more dogs coming into the training scheme we will be unable to help the deaf people waiting for our hearing dogs." says Chris. "Please help us to continue training dogs for people like Pat. Your unwanted pet or litter of puppies could change someone’s life."

If you can help by donating a puppy or young dog, please contact Hearing Dogs on 01844 348105.