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Jack Bennett retires as Blackpool secretary

Jack Bennett and his wife Irene pictured last Friday

On Friday 7th November at the Committee Dinner I had a very pleasant surprise I was presented with an inscribed piece of Crystal to mark my retirement as Secretary of the Blackpool Championship Dog Show, writes Jack Bennett.

This came as a shock to me as I was going to fade away quietly so I thank the officers and committee for this lovely gesture having served the Society for approximately thirty years. since 1928 there has only been four secretaries, the late Harold Roberts and the late Mrs Ismay Jackson who both served the society for long periods. I took over as secretary in 1978 when we had a three day mid-week show, we later moved to a weekend show, this was a good move as we were at that time looked upon as a holiday attraction.

I must mention a number of the past Chairmen that I have worked with over the last 25 years. The late Mr R O Pickup, the late Dr Ben Raven, also the late Leslie Greenwood, also the Chief Stewards Mr & Mrs F Hayward for a number of years.

I would also thank the Stewards, Judges and workers along with the loyal committee members over the years.

Also the management and staff of Pedigree Masterfoods for their support for the last 25 years, both Our Dogs and Dog World, also the Kennel Club show dept for the help they give to Societies under the supervision of Mrs Kathryn Symns.

May I wish the new secretary and committee all the best for the future and as I said at the dinner if it is for the good of Blackpool championship show go for it.

Also James Fletcher Tenting Contractors. Bannerdown Benching. Border Loos and Canine Information Directory all for the excellent service they have given us. I also thank the Trade Stands for their support over the years they help to give the shows a better atmosphere.

I can now spend more time with my wife Irene and look forward to meeting my many friends at future Blackpool Shows.

Vince Hogan, President of Blackpool writes:

‘Blackpool Committee and their guests enjoyed a very pleasant evening at the recent dinner, which also marked the retirement of Jack Bennett from the position of Secretary.

‘Jack’s contribution to the society over the years has been immeasurable. He has been known as ‘Mr Blackpoo’l for all the time I have been in dogs ... which coincidentally has been around the same period as Jacks involvement in the Society circa 1973!

‘It is appropriate that the society now has its own ground as this was always one of Jacks main aims and the committee are determined to carry on the good work and develop the field into a top class showground.

‘Mrs Hilda Parkinson, Chairman, made the presentation of inscribed crystal to Jack on behalf of the committee and I was delighted to be able to read out a letter from Kathryn Symns of the Kennel Club. In true fashion, we also pulled Jack’s leg with a spoof Our Dogs paper headline, ‘Bennett Jacks it in!!’ which gave rise to much amusement all round.

‘We all wish Jack and Irene all the best for the future and feel sure that Jack will enjoy future Blackpool shows even more wihtout any of the pressure.

‘All he has to worry about now, is if Blackburn Rovers can stay in the Premiership!’
Last but not least best wishes from Bill Moores, Editor of OUR DOGS and the staff in manchester who wish you all the best for the future.