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Stephen Geoffrey King

Stephen Geoffrey King has been training dogs for nearly forty years and over the years has kept several rescue animals as his own pets. He also runs the Crosskeys kennels, has written several books and was a pioneers of clicker training in the UK.

Since the American, Stephen Barry King began working in this country the two Stephens have sometimes been confused. The problem has been exacerbated by the fact that Stephen Barry King has been convicted of offences relating to his treatment of animals.

Matters were made worse two years ago when a leading journal published an article about a 'Stephen King' without stating that it was about Stephen Barry King. The result has been a protected court case that has resulted in an apology being read out in court.

Stephen Geoffrey King and his family are greatly relieved. Speaking to OUR DOGS recently he said: 'Until today there has been a shadow over me and my business and my whole family has been affected. The adverse publicity has caused me great financial difficulties and my business has really struggled. It has been difficult to stay solvent. Now I hope that all this is behind us and I can concentrate on the development of the Crosskeys enterprises.'