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2003 Rabart Superpup

Many Dog Societies sent dog’s forward to this year’s Rabart SuperPup. Two were absent which left me with 35 excellent animals of 26 different breeds. It was only small things who separate them apart. Some were unlucky by the PC draw to pair them up. However everybody got his or her second chance to win The Plate Trophy for “Best looser”. But Ladies and Gentlemen there were no losers this evening, only winners of different luck with me.

Barry Medforth of Rabart Fine Arts presented me a wonderful statue of a Bull Terrier head. I will treasure this as my best judges present ever. The competitors got many fine gifts from more than generous sponsors, besides Rabart Fine Arts being Royal Canin and Our Dogs.

Pudsey & District Ring Craft Club with their great team of workers is to be congratulated to a perfect arranged evening. Peter Broadbent did the commentary. His wife Anita, daughter Melinda and mother in law Joyce worked hard in the kitchen to provide 180 persons with a super-buffet. Stewart Irving was my excellent ring steward and Secretary Christine Cooper welcomed everybody to the event of at the entry table. This excellent venue used to be a cinema I am told.

Winner of Superpup was Mr R & Mrs L Walker’s Lakeland Terrier Kilmarth Kirovski
representing The Lakeland Terrier Society and is seen here with the
judge Gunnar Strombert, Melinda Broadbent and Barry Medforth

The 16 winners were shortlisted down to 10. The last one to leave before we went down to 5 was the Black Russian Terrier, Taylor’s POTTERSPRIDE ORIGINAL LOVE FOR FABIO. I found this Russian bitch extremely promising and I am very proud to have had the opportunity to go over her. I presented her a Rosette made of leather. It is from St. Petersburg where I judged this breed for the first time in May 1989.

The final five was: Scofield’s KOPPERNOX PARTY TIME (Boxer), Calvert’s CALVDALE SOFTLY SOFTLY (ESS), Braithwaite & Hill’s JUFFTHER TOUCH ME SQUEEZE ME AT IKYMEL (Rottweiler), Rosche’s HELIZAR MISS ADELAIDE (Bull Terrier) and Walker’s KILMARTH KIROVSKI (Lakeland Terrier).

The Boxer bitch looked a picture standing and oh boy what a head and neck. To be perfect she could have more flashy white markings, but that is nothing I hold against her really. Top spot was denied her because of her indoor movement. She could however have a bright future and will be crowned young, I am confident of this.

The Springer dog was of super quality all over, nice size, lovely markings and so well presented, moved well for me, if I wasn’t in favour of two others this evening they too could have reached the top. Will go all the way in his own breed and at higher level shortly, I am sure.

The Rottweiler bitch was super feminine, stand like a statue for her handler but too near, it was a bit difficult to find out about her excellent head and expression, she did very well however and made the final cut perfect for me. She was just unlucky to meet the others tonight. Bright future to come also for this girl.

The Bull Terrier bitch was certainly close to the winner this terrier evening. What a super star to bring out for a bully man like myself. Super bodylines, just perfect bone and legs for a young girl. Never put a foot wrong. I am sure she could have done it on her own but was ably assisted tonight. Thank You Yorkshire BTC for sending him to this event. Some know how hard one is one animals of your own breed. In this case all present could see her many qualities and her Reserve Rabart SuperPup title came as a surprise to very few I am sure.

The old phrase, “her only fault is that she is not mine”, came to my mind as soon as I saw her. She really proved herself as a true representative of her breed with alert but calm behaviour. She was really the Belle of the Ball.

The Lakeland Terrier dog filled my eyes already going around during the presentation. He did not disappoint me in any way on the table either. I will just sit and wait to find future success at extremely high level for this very worthy Rabart SuperPup 2003. An expert who should give lessons had to be the one who dressed this Prince for the evening. I congratulate the breeder and owner families who are, I am sure, very proud. The best of luck with him in the future. Thank you so very much The Lakeland Terrier Society for sending him.

Finally, all the lovely dogs I had to send away after the first round came in again. I shortlisted them too, but then I had no hesitation to pick Anderson’s SHERIDEL LOVELETTER TO GEZANDOS the Newfoundland. This 12 months old black bitch pleased me in every way, just perfect body and bone for a young “Canadian” and what a mover. A really lovely Lhasa Apso male who had his red tuxedo in impeccable order was beaten by her in their pair.

Anyway I was ever so pleased that she stayed on (almost all did) to compare the evening by winning “The Plate”. Thank you all for bringing so good dogs out under me.

Gunnar Strombert
(Sweden) Judge

To arrive at a Special event to find that parking space is at a premium, is always good indication of its popularity; this, however, was the scenario that greeted me on the evening of Saturday 18th October when I attended the 4th Rabart SuperPup competition in association with Royal Canin and Our Dogs.

This event has quickly established itself as the premier puppy competition in the north of England, an accolade that is so richly deserved by the hard working Pudsey and District Ringcraft Club’s committee, enthusiastically led by Peter Broadbent, Christine Cooper and Show Manager Stuart Irvine.

This event goes from strength to strength from a tried and trusted formula from previous years, based on months of hard work and dedication, being reasonably priced, and focusing on the exhibition of puppies.

At 6.30pm, with exhibitors and supporters seated amid an air of excited anticipation, we enjoyed an excellent buffet prepared by Peter’s wife Anita, daughter Melinda and Anita’s mother Joyce, making it a three generation effort! The fully carpeted ring was surrounded on four sides by tables and superbly illuminated to ensure excellent viewing for all.

The 37 societies taking part created a wonderful atmosphere of enthusiasm, with many new participants from various parts of the country taking part, including seasoned breeder/exhibitors travelling from as far south as Sussex, and from Northumberland and Ayrshire in the north.

With the preliminaries out of the way, our MC Peter Broadbent extended a warm welcome to all before introducing our judge for the evening Gunnar Strombert from Sweden, so maintaining the tradition of inviting an overseas judge to officiate, and one who is benevolent enough to pay his own expenses, thus enhancing the spirit of SuperPup.

Gunnar is no stranger to the UK having judged the Bull Terrier Club Open Show previously, this being one of the breeds he and his family have been associated with, as a successful breeder/exhibitor.

Of the 37 puppies entered there were just two absentees. The remaining puppies were introduced into the ring to great applause to compete in pairs, with the winner of each remaining secret until the first round was completed, adding to an already tense and exciting atmosphere. With the final pair judged this brought to conclusion the first part of the evening’s event, and gave an opportunity to our MC to thank everyone for attending and to introduce the main sponsor Barry Medforth of Rabart Fine Art to present to the judge a beautiful head study of a Bull Terrier. This was followed by Christine Cooper, Club Secretary, presenting the customary Pudsey Diploma and finally Melinda Broadbent presented a special rosette.

Runner-Up in Superpup was Mr A & Mrs HT Rouche’s Bull Terrier
Helizar Miss Adelaide representing The Yorkshire Bull Terrier Club,
seen here with judge Gunnar Strombert and secretary Christine Cooper

With the formalities to the judge now completed it was time to announce the winning exhibits and invite them back to the ring to compete for Rabart SuperPup 2003. The judge shortlisted 10, and after further consideration these were reduced to five, with the Boxer, Lakeland Terrier, Bull Terrier, Rottweiler and English Springer Spaniel as his final selection.

After further deliberation in a totally silent hall, Gunnar selected as the Rabart SuperPup 2003 Mr and Mrs Walker’s Lakeland Terrier Kilmarth Kirovski representing the Lakeland Terrier Club, thus adding another title to his already impressive record including Top Puppy in his breed, NSC Puppy at Driffield and BOS in his breed at Darlington. Again the hall fell silent as the four remaining exhibits competed for the Rabart SuperPup Runner Up, only to erupt into spontaneous applause when the judge’s handshake declared Mr and Mrs Roache’s homebred Bull Terrier Helizar Miss Adelaide, representing the Yorkshire Bull Terrier Club, as the winner, another where winning is nothing new having been declared BPiB at the Yorkshire and the Notts and Derby Bull Terrier Ch Shows respectively. The two winning puppies were given the privilege of leading the five final exhibits in a lap of honour to the appreciation of a great audience.

With the judging temporarily suspended our MC introduced Barry Medforth to present the Rabart SuperPup Shield to the winning exhibit’s owner, who will also receive a commissioned painting of his dog by Michael Gore at next year’s event, courtesy of Barry.

Sponsorship is an eminent feature of this event, with further goodies in the form of a sealed envelope presented to the winners by the hard working Royal Canin representative Margaret Masterman, whose hands on approach all evening did not go unnoticed. Finally Gunnar with obvious delight presented two special rosettes to the winners on behalf of the host Pudsey and District Ringcraft Club.

Now it was the turn of the beaten exhibits from the first round to compete for the Pudsey Plate, there was no let up as far as quality was concerned, with exhibits with BPIS at Open and Championship Shows on view, and an impressive line up to test the Judge’s ability to the limit. Finally, and to great applause, an outstretched hand declared Mr S Anderson’s Sheridel Loveletter to Gezandos as the plate winner, continuing her outstanding puppy career having six first and two BPIS at Championship Show level at Darlington and National Working and Pastoral, with numerous BP and RBP in show at Open Shows.

As the judge in his summing up said, there were no losers here in or outside the ring, and he thanked everyone for the privilege of judging their dogs, and for making tonight one of the highlights of his career.

The evening came to its conclusion when Peter Broadbent, in his usual efficient and humorous manner, gave thanks to the sponsors for their generosity, Barry Medforth, Royal Canin who also gave a bag of dog food to all exhibits, Our Dogs gave goodies bags and subscriptions, and all the societies for their raffle prizes. Not forgetting the efforts of Our Dogs photographer John D Jackson and his wife Eileen working behind the scenes, giving them little time to enjoy the proceedings.

On a personal note, an excellent evening in some excellent company was made even more memorable for me when I won the special raffle prize donated by Barry of a leather bound edition of Catherine Sutton’s book Dog Shows and Show Dogs.

Who’s the judge for next year - need I say more!

Brian Maurice Webb