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Coventry Ladies Kennel Society
265 Class Premier Open Show

Coventry Ladies Kennel Society 265 Class Premier Open Show
at the Sports Connexion, Ryton on Dunsmore, Coventry,
on Thursday 1st January 2004

Our First Premier Open Show

Entries close Monday 24th November 2003. Schedules available from the Secretary, MRS ANNE DEFAYE, 32 FREEBURN CAUSEWAY, CANLEY, COVENTRY. CV4 8FQ. Tel: Coventry (024) 7671 2552. (message service at times) (no calls after 10pm please). S.A.E. appreciated, & can be downloaded from Schedules have been posted to all 2003 exhibitors.


GUNDOGS:- **English Setter:- RACHEL LUDBROOK (BECKANTIE). GSP, Irish R/W Setter, Welsh Springer:- JEREMY BOTT (THENDARA). ** Hung Vizsla:- CHRIS HILL (SCALENE). **Irish Setter:- JULIE WILKINS (MARGARET WOODS). It Spinone, Lg Munsterlander, **Flat-Coats, **English Springer:- STEPHEN HOLLINGS (GUNALT). **Golden Retriever:- MARK COOPER (LOREMAR). Labrador Retriever:- LIZ PEGGS (JANCET). **Pointer, ** Cocker Spaniel, **Weimaraner:- CHRIS BEXON (OLDFIELD). AVNSC Gundog, Gundog Group:- DEE MILLIGAN-BOTT (THENDARA).

UTILITY:- **Dalmatian:- MAREE KENYON (MARRICDALE). Lhasa Apso, Shih Tsu:- HELEN KING (VALLENA). Bulldog, Chow Chow, Min Poodle, Stan Poodle, Toy Poodle, Tib Terrier, Tib Spaniel, AVNSC Utility, Utility Group:- JULIETTE CUNLIFFE (MODHISH).

TERRIER:- Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Border Terrier, West Highland White, AVNSC Terrier, Terrier Group:- PAUL EARDLEY (SHEREX).

HOUND:- Basset, Beagle, MinL/H Dachs, MinS/H Dachs, Min W/H Dachs:- TED GOODSHIP (INDALO). Rhod Ridgeback:- JEREMY BOTT (THENDARA). **Whippet:- JIM SCHOLES (CRAIGAVAD). **Afghan, Irish Wolfhound, AVNSC Hound, Hound Group:- DEE MILLIGAN-BOTT (THENDARA).

TOY:- **Cavalier King Charles:- RON NAYLOR (MAENAN). Pekingese, Yorkshire Terrier TONY ALLCOCK (SLEEPHOLLOW). Italian Greyhound, **Papillon, AVNSC Toy, Toy Group:- JACKIE READER (JACKREED).

WORKING:- Bernese Mountain Dog, Newfoundland:- SUE HEWART-CHAMBERS (SUNHAZE). **Dobermann, Great Dane:- BARRY HEWART (IRICADIAN). Boxer, Rottweiler, AVNSC Working, Working Group:- MIKE MULLAN (DEEZU).

PASTORAL:- BSD (Groenendael), BSD (Tervueren):- SUE HEWART-CHAMBERS (SUNHAZE). **Border Collie:- ELEANOR KITCHEN (SERIEMA). Rough Collie, Sheltie:- SUE PHIPPS (OAKANMOOR). **Bearded Collie, Briard, **G.S.D., AVNSC Pastoral, Pastoral Group:- JOE CHORLEY (MERSEYSIDE).

J.H.A. Handling Classes, Adult Handling Classes :- DAWN GRAY (BIRMINGHAM).

Fosse Data Premier Stakes, A.V. Veteran, BEST in SHOW, BEST PUPPY in SHOW:- MR CHRIS BEXON (OLDFIELD).