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BSL protest in Denver
Owners lobby to repeal ban

ON OCTOBER 31st 2003 members of the American Canine Foundation ACF and Denver dog owners that will be involved in the attempted repeal of the breed ban in Denver, Colorado, USA, protested in front of City Hall in 20 degree weather!

In the photo (right), pictured left to right are: ACF President Cindy McCammon, Howard Margolius, Kate Crowley and Myriam Reynolds. The campaigners were in great spirits considering the weather changed from 70 degree temperatures just one day before the protest, a storm hit and it was snowing and there was freezing rain. Through their efforts they were able to get City Council to agree to meet and talk.

Howard and Myriam will be meeting with a City Council member towards the end of November.

Readers are urged to check out the new ACF website: