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Obituary - Mr William (Bill) Perry

Mr William (Bill) Perry
5.7.1931 – 10.11.2003

My "friend" Bill was on occasions blunt and to the point. Bill often got very upset at people’s levels of understanding of his profession. He also did not suffer fools gladly.

He was a very correct person, very honest, a perfectionist at his work and committed to the GSD Breed, of which he was also very knowledgeable.

Bill was a very good friend, willing to assist anyone who would listen, advising me with some really positive advice whilst I was Chairman of the GSD League.

His interest in the breed was especially the working side and its origin in Germany. He was so dedicated that he was encouraged to write a book on the subject, which he promised his late wife Janice he would complete. He worked with Isabel Donkin and Chris Hazel researching health problems and pedigrees for some years.

He knew so much about the GSD breed and origin, being a fully paid up member of the German Shepherd Association of Germany.

Having first come in contact with the GSD whilst in the army in Germany, and also being very conversant in the German language Bill was able to remain very in touch with the breed throughout his life.

He was very proud of the fact that Herr Oschler had congratulated him on his understanding of the German language whilst visiting this country.

Owning a GSD "Blaze" for many years he would tell you he was not really committed in training the dog to a high standard, but one knew this was not true.

Bill was a first class accountant, with International experience serving for some time with a firm in London, where he had many celebrities and established firms as clients. He eventually took the big step of becoming his own boss, where he assembled many clients, because of his correct and honest approach with people.

This was where I first experienced Bill's company, for he was the auditor for the GSD League, where he would correctly explain his calculations to those present who were not knowledgeable with his profession.

Bill liked to debate and it was with great enthusiasm that he proceeded to correct people, this being the highlight of the AGM at times.

Dorothy A Cullum