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Barcelona hosts 4th World Team Grooming Championships

The beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain was the setting for the 2003 World Grooming Championships on Sunday 26th October 2003.

This biannual competition attracted seven teams from around the World. Top Groomers from Italy, France, Germany, USA, UK, Canada and of course Spain showed off their artistic talents to an intrigued audience. The event was run in conjunction with "Festival de la Mascota", a two day pet show open to the public. As well as the World Groomteam Championships there was also the Spanish National Grooming competition which was held on the first day of the show. Spectators could also visit the special events ring where demonstrations of obedience, agility, police dog handling and dogs for the disabled were being held. There was also a breed show, a cat show and evenpony rides for children. There was even a small "Discover Dogs" area, where members of the public could find out more about and come face to face with their favourite breeds of dog. And as if that were not enough there were also many stalls selling a variety of toys and treats for both pets and humans.

Members of the Pet Trade were also invited to attend Sizoo, a Spanish Pet Trade Show. This was held in a separate hall which was filled with stalls from all sectors of the pet trade. A great chance for visitors to view new and existing products. There were also various grooming demonstrations held throughout the day.

The members of this year’s UK Groomteam which was sponsored by Wahl UK Ltd were made up of previous years winners of the British Grooming Championships. They were Richard Barker (1998), Paula Hull (1999 & 1992), Melanie Winters-Holmes (2000) and Joanne Angus (2001 & 1991). The first two classes of the day were the Handstrip class, judged by Mijo Klein (France), Umberto Lehmann (Italy) and Jean-Francois Anaken (Belgium) and the Scissored Purebreed Clas, judged by Natalia Volkova (Russia), Helen Christiansen (USA) and Emilia Diaz (Spain). Joanne Angus handstripped a Scottish Terrier and Richard Barker scissored a Kerry Blue Terrier. Their original plan had been for Melanie to trim a Bedlington in the scissored class but unfortunately they were let down at the last minute and were unable to bring the chosen dog. There were no prizes for the UK team in the morning but the afternoon classes would hopefully bring them more luck.

Melanie Winters-Holmes trimmed a Miniature Poodle which was given to her that morning for the Poodle Class, judged by Umberto Lehmann, Angel Marques (Spain) and Jean-Francois Anaken. Paula Hull handstripped an English Cocker Spaniel in the Spaniel Class, judged by Helen Christiansen, Mijo Klein and Natalia Volkova. Success finally came to the UK Team with Paula winning Gold in the Spaniel Class.