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‘DALAM 2004'

Sponsored by the CUBAN DALMATIAN CLUB (Club Dálmata de Cuba), a member of the CUBAN KENNEL CLUB (Federación Cinológica de Cuba), a member of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI).

Havana City, Cuba, January 5 to 12, 2004


January 5: Participants accrediting & documentation delivering.
January 6: Opening & Art Exhibition ‘Dalmatians in Cuba’
January 7/8: Lectures (see program attached).
January 9: Working sessions of the Committee set up to work pro the foundation of a Regional Dalmatian Dog Breeders Association.
January 10/11: Breed Specialty & Specialist’s Lecture about Dalmatian dog breed

Judges: Mrs. Lilianne D’Ridder Onghena (Belgium) and Mr. Charles Ciopyk (Canada).

January 11: Gala Dinner
January 12: Participants will receive a Special Memorandum

General Information & Registering:

Club Dálmata de Cuba
Calle Lawton No. 1569, esq. Ave. Acosta, Lawton, 10 de Octubre, Ciudad de la Habana, Cuba.

Phone numbers: (537) 985964 Chairman Ing. María Elena Altuna de la Peña
(537) 406951 Secretary Mrs. Rosario Cuéllar Zayas

Entry fee & Closing date:

Participants without dogs: 15 USD Closing date: December 28, 2003

Participants with dogs: Closing date:
One dog: 20 USD; two or more: 20 the first plus 15 for de second, etc. 1st term:
November 30, 2003
One dog: 25 USD; two or more: 25 the first plus 20 for the second, etc. 2nd term:
December 28, 2003

Note: The exhibitors who apply for registration after December 28 will pay 25 USD per dog and will be off the catalogue.

Entry fee money should be sent to:

Banco de Crédito y Comercio (BANDEC)
Sucursal 3001
Club Dálmata de Cuba
Bank Account number: 43300110438206

Tour receptive Agency CUBANACÁN SA offers the following facilities to the participants on ‘DALAM 2004’

Hotels with Room & Breakfast cost:

- For participants without dogs:

Single Double

Habana Libre Hotel***** 75.00 47.00
Comodoro Hotel**** 48.00 36.00
Vedado& Saint John hotels*** 35.00 28.00

Price in USD, pax per night

- Participants with dogs:

Comodoro Hotel bungalows.

1 Room: 53.00
2 Rooms: 40.00

Price in USD, pax per night


- José Martí international airport – hotels
- Hotels – José Martí international airport

Taxi: 15 USD
Minivan (4-6 pax): 25 USD
Van (7-18 pax): 40 USD
Omnibus (+ 18 pax): 50 USD

Participants travelling with dogs should advice the agency so their transportation can be properly guaranteed. Price according to transportation:

- Collective transportation: Comodoro Hotel- International Press Center – Comodoro Hotel. January 6, 7, 8 and 9.

Price: 42.00 USD per pax

- Collective transportation: Hotels – Dog Specialty site – Hotels. January 10 and 11

Price: 25.00 USD per pax

Tour Agency CUBANACÁN will arrange tourist packages according to participants preferences and interests.Please, contact:

Lic. Jorge Aguiar Gómez; Commercial Specialist in Events
Events & Incentives Branch (Sucursal Eventos e Incentivos)
Marina Hemingway, Hotel Acuario, Bloque 33
Tel: (537) 33 22 24 / 25 / 26
Fax: (537) 33 22 20

Conferences Topics:

- ‘Relation between structure and functions on dog breeds. Importance of the preservation of dogs functions.’
Mr. David Eadie, Canada.
- ‘What road trail is all about and its importance to Dalmatians’
Mr. Charles Ciopyk, Canada.
- ‘Road Trail Rules’
Mr. Charles Ciopyk, Canada.
- ‘Breeding Dalmatians: methods, care, aims.’
Mrs. Andrea Paccagnella, Argentina.
- ‘The Dalmatian: history and development’
Mrs. Liliane De Ridder Onghena, Belgium.
- The Dalmatian; analysis and comments on the FCI standard; differences and similarities between FCI, AKC and KC standards.
Dr. Frank De Ridder, Belgium
- ‘The importance of a regional bond for the breed development. Experiences and advises.’
Mrs. Lilliane De Ridder Onghena, Belgium.
- ‘Cuban Dalmatian Club: foundation, development and future’
Mrs. María Elena Altuna de la Peña.