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Donoughue Bill would ‘improve’ animal welfare

The Wild Mammal Protection Bill, also known as the Donoughue Bill, which seeks to address real animal welfare concerns rather than the prejudice of some MPs has completed its passage through the Lords.

Simon Hart, Chief Executive of the Countryside Alliance, said: "The Government has a clear choice - 'wrecked' hunting legislation based on back bench bigotry or a sensible approach to animal welfare legislation. The Donoughue Bill, which addresses the question of cruelty, is concerned with all aspects of wild mammal management.

"The Donoughue Bill should attract the support of all who have a true interest in animal welfare and I hope that the Government is able to give it support in the next parliamentary session. The Alliance, like all the organisations backing the Bill, is ready to address any reasonable concerns the Government might have in the drafting of the legislation".