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Massachusetts Residents Stand Up For Greyhounds

Massachusetts residents recently flooded the office of State Senate President Robert Travaglinia with calls, faxes and emails to defeat a Senate bill that would have allowed approximately six thousand slot machines to be placed at dog racetracks throughout the state.

The funds generated by the slot machines would have added to track revenues.

Greyhounds are gentle, child-friendly, lively yet sensitive creatures. Standing up to 31 inches high and weighing up to 70 pounds, greyhounds need a soft place in which to lie down due to their tendency to develop pressure sores.

Greyhounds who are held captive for racing, however, spend their days caged for as much as twenty two out of twenty-four hours. They are often injured as a result of being forced to race. When they no longer are viable for racing, they are usually killed.

Dog racing tracks have been losing revenue, due largely to the efforts of animal rights and rescue groups educating the public about the cruelty associated with the sport.

Many states are now passing legislation to extend the profitability of greyhound racing. Thanks to its recent citizen effort, however, Massachusetts will not be one of them.

More information about how to get involved in lobbying against the dog-racing industry, in states across America, is available from the ASPCA Web site.

by Kimberly Coleman

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