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KC: recognising ring stewards and seminars

In an effort to encourage and maintain high standards of ring stewarding the Kennel Club Training Board has now introduced its ‘Guidelines for the Ring Steward’ Seminar.

The importance of ring stewards at shows should never be overlooked. The important role that they play in assisting the Judge and the fact that one Ring Steward is required for every ring in which judging is taking place, ensures that this role is crucial to the success of any show, making things easier for the exhibitors and improving their enjoyment.

The new seminar introduced by the K C are delivered by K C Accredited Trainers and cover the general requirements of a Ring Steward before, during and after judging. The seminar includes details on the checking of equipment and paperwork, establishing a good working relationship with the judge and covers all the relevant K C Regulations.


The K C has developed this seminar as a vocational programme that anyone with an interest in Ring Stewarding can attend if they wish to develop their knowledge further. The seminar has also been designed to compliment the mandatory Regulations and Judging Procedure Seminars

For further information and details on the new seminar together with a list of those Accredited Trainers who can deliver the seminar please contact the Judges’ Department on 020-7518 1010 or write to Judges Department, The Kennel Club, 1-5 Clarges Street, Piccadilly, London W1J 8AB.