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Great Britain gets the gold!

Photo by
Ellen Rocco at Agility Net

The British Dog Agility Team has won the Agility World Championships in Lievin, France which took place last weekend.

Thirty one countries took part in the competition including Belgium who came second, the United States of America, who came third, Japan, South America, South Africa, Japan, Israel, and the whole of Europe!

The British team consisted of Ms Jo Rhodes with her dog Kelbie from Derby, Dr Toni Lock with Whiz from Howwood, Scotland and Ms Nicola Garrett with Spec from the West Midlands.

Said Caroline Kisko, Secretary of the Kennel Club; "We are very excited that the British Dog Agility Team have done so much for Great Britain by winning the World Dog Agility Championship. We have been able to compete in the World Championships for the last three years following Pet Passports and are extremely pleased that Great Britain are now World Champions."

Caroline continued; "It is an even greater achievement as the British team were the only team to run three clear rounds in the jumping round and three clear rounds in the agility round out of the thirty-one countries that took part, and the Kennel Club congratulates the Team and their Manager, Steve Croxford."