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NCDL is relaunched as Dogs Trust

The National Canine Defence League announces its new name, Dogs Trust, with effect from October 9th 2003. The UK's largest dog welfare charity, responsible for one of the country's most famous slogans, "A dog is for life, not just for Christmas," will now be known as Dogs Trust.

Under its new name the charity remains a progressive, upbeat, positive organisation, as passionate as ever about achieving its mission - "working towards the day when all dogs can enjoy a happy life, free from the threat of unnecessary destruction." This is fundamental to every aspect of the work of Dogs Trust.

There are several reasons behind the charity's decision to change its name, but key amongst them has been low awareness amongst the general public, possibly caused by a lengthy, and Victorian-style, name. The new name will engender a new spirit of excitement among young and old alike for the vital work carried out by the UK's largest dog welfare charity.

Clarissa Baldwin, Dogs Trust Chief Executive, says: "Change is always a difficult thing to manage but sometimes you have to do what you believe to be right and not what is easy.

The decision to change the name to a more up to date image reflects more accurately the work that the charity carries out in modern times.

"It is a very positive move and one that I am very excited about; it can only be good for a dynamic team who are committed to dog welfare."

Dogs Trust was chosen because it is easy to remember and conveys the warmth and authority that lie at the heart of the organisation.

Clarissa Baldwin explains: "We believe our new name epitomises the trust that dogs have in humans, as well as asking the animal loving public to trust in us. Last year over 12,000 dogs were destroyed for want of a loving home. Our mission is simple and clear and we are convinced that our new name will help us achieve it sooner rather than later."

Staff at Dogs Trust were initially concerned that the charity's members may be less enthusiastic about the new choice of name. However, fears were allayed by a member vote which showed that over 89% of them agreed with the new name.