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Poodle Spectacular raises over £3000 for research

Luton in Bedfordshire was the venue for the first ever Poodle extravaganza, in aid of DNA research into heredity diseases in the Poodle. This event was organised by the Dezynadog team, who are well known for their organisation of educational seminars.

This heralded a very successful event, thanks mainly to the expertise of the demonstrators and to Carol Flatt's team whose organising skills are second to none. The enthusiasm of the delegates numbering in excess of 250, helped to make this a most informative and enjoyable event which raised £3,440 for a most worthy cause.

Devotees of the breed had travelled long distances to advance their knowledge and enhance their trimming skills. The demonstrators gave their time, travelling from places near and far, free of charge for the benefit of their beloved breed.

The Standard Poodle Club was on hand to advise on hereditary problems and had set up a well-stocked stand with some very beautiful china adorned with pictures of Poodles. One or two Standard Poodles had been brought along to demonstrate the horrific consequences of 'Sebaceous Adenitis'.

A raffle was held to boost funds, many of the prizes were donated by generous sponsors including, Andis USA, Arco Clipper, Wahal, Interpet, Dezynadog and many more.

The Dezynadog team was available with advice on their extensive range of grooming products and equipment. Cliverton Insurance was there with helpful and very necessary information on all aspects of canine cover.

One of the first demonstrations was on the correct bathing procedure; this was done by Chris Uings who has been involved with showing Poodles for many years. Chris bathed and dried a Chocolate Standard Poodle showing how to massage the shampoo into the coat to have maximum effect. The shampoo was rinsed out thoroughly and then conditioner applied.

Carol explained the importance of removing all traces of shampoo and conditioner from the coat in order to have a perfect finish after drying. Chris then went on to scissor the Poodles coat to perfection.

Tracy Ansell demonstrated the Swedish T trim on a White Standard; this was a smart clip with shaved ears and tail both suitable and practical for a pet trim. Tracy is interested in many aspects of the doggie scene, including showing, obedience and grooming.

Marlene Carter is well known for her show Poodles both at home and overseas and has her City and Guilds Qualification in Dog Grooming. Marlene brought along Miles, a beautiful white, much travelled Standard Poodle. Sporting an overgrown Continental clip, Miles was transformed by Marlene's clipper and scissor technique into something quite spectacular.

Anita Bax who needs no introduction to the grooming fraternity brought along her Toy Poodle to demonstrate the Puppy Pants. As always her faultless performance was well received by her attentive audience. Anita went on to show the art of ringcraft with Carol explaining how it should be done.

Joanne Angus and Emma Walton both from Look North Grooming came along with two Toy Poodles.

Emma did a smart pet trim with a continental influence,shaving off the tail and ears to give a sharper outline and neat appearance.

Joanne who has won numerous awards for her grooming skills trimmed her Toy Poodle Trevor into Puppy Pants. Joanne is an acclaimed teacher and enjoys sharing her knowledge with fellow groomers.

Angie Harry-Griffiths representing the Miniature Poodle Club scissored her glamorous black miniature into a Scandinavian style with special emphasis on the show 'Top Knot'. Angie is known for her beautiful presentation and this was certainly in evidence today.


Peter Young, probably one of our best known groomers whose achievements in the show ring as well as on the grooming scene are well documented. Peter’s subject was Marcus an elderly White Miniature Poodle. Marcus looked rejuvenated in his Dutch trim, which Peter executed in his usual competent manner.

Jan Newdick took on a monumental task transforming a black Miniature Poodle from a show trim to a pet trim. Jan bathed and dried the huge coat and then commenced scissoring to the required length suitable for a pet. The finished look was quite remarkable considering all the work involved, well done Jan!

Philip Langdon had his audience spellbound as he demonstrated the art of transforming an ordinary Lamb Trim into something far more eye catching! His model Jordan, a black Standard Poodle stood patiently on the table for a considerable amount of time whilst Philip answered questions from the audience. Philip later trimmed a second Standard Poodle into Puppy trim showing his great versatility.

Richard and Linda Barker both excel in the perfect presentation of their White Poodles. The immaculate preparation of their dogs enables them to achieve the ultimate velvet finish. It is therefore not surprising that they have won many awards when showing their Poodles and competing in grooming competitions.

Today Richard completed a continental trim on a White Miniature Poodle and Linda scissored Maurice, a White Standard Poodle into a traditional Lion Clip.

Sue Eld is an experienced Professional Groomer who enjoys showing Poodles and made up a champion after only four years. Sue brought along a Black Standard Poodle, which she trimmed, into Scandinavian style puppy pants.

Linda Forsyth has a wealth of knowledge, which she is always willing to share with fellow groomers. Today Linda bravely demonstrated a complicated Spiral Trim on Teddy, an Apricot Miniature Poodle. The end result was quite stunning and much admired by the audience.

Heidi and Christine Anderton paraded Charlton, a White Standard Poodle who was sporting the latest fashion in colours, a vivid violet outfit, which suited his extrovert character.

During the day the audience were asked to vote for their favourite demonstrator and the winner was Philip Langdon, who received a pair of Geib scissors. The runner up was Marlene Carter.

Sandra Harper & Pat Hutton