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RSPCA’s largest ‘haul’ seek new homes

The RSPCA is launching an emergency appeal for new homes after it seized 269 animals from one address in the society's largest-ever haul.

 Lhasa apsos, dachshunds, shih Tzus, Yorkshire terriers, Pekingese and bearded collies, along with five cats, two kittens, three parrots and a rabbit are in RSPCA care in animal centres and boarding establishments across the country as a result of the case in the north of England last month. Now, over 200 of these animals have been health-checked, microchipped, assessed for behaviour and are ready to start afresh in new homes.

 Due to the huge pressure this influx of animals has placed on already over-stretched centres the RSPCA has set up a special hotline - 08705 900950* - for people interested in adopting one of these animals or another in the RSPCA's care.  Lines will be open 24 hours and are to remain open for the next month or until homes have been found for all the animals from this case.

 RSPCA director of animal welfare services Dominic Rudd, said: "These animals have come into our care through no fault of their own and we will do all we can to match them with suitable owners so they can go on to enjoy happy lives. We are appealing to the public to call this line to offer loving, permanent homes to them as well as some of the 6-8,000 animals we have in our animal centres at any one time. While these particular animals have caught the hearts and minds of the public, it is important to remember that there are many more deserving pets in our care."

All those calling the number will be asked to leave their details. Staff will then contact callers over the next few weeks so that home visitors can assess suitability. They can also make a donation to help ease the burden placed on RSPCA resources by this case.