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WGRF signs up to the Greyhound Welfare Charter

Following a talk by Clarissa Baldwin, Chief Executive of Dogs Trust and Chairman of the Greyhound Forum and Duncan Green, Director General of Battersea Dogs’ Home, Sean Collins of the WGRF announced that the Federation would now sign up to the Greyhound Forum’s Charter.

Speaking on behalf of the Forum, Clarissa Baldwin said:

"This is wonderful news! It now means that industry, worldwide, accepts the tenets contained within the charter. After a long session on welfare, possibly a first for the industry, we were greatly encouraged to receive this support.

"Clearly our role now is to ensure that the Charter remains a living document which, when fully implemented, will protect the Greyhound from cradle to grave. We recognise that there is a lot of work to be done but believe that together we can achieve our goals."

Speaking on behalf of the WGRF, Sean Collins, said:

"The Governing Council were pleased to announce the endorsement of the Charter with some minor amendments to reflect procedures in other countries.

"WGRF will be pleased to continue this very worthwhile relationship with the Forum and we will continue to give Greyhound Welfare top priority in our deliberations and programmes."