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Blue Cross issues firework safety advice

A new leaflet for people concerned about the impact of fireworks on their pets was launched today with Government backing.

The Blue Cross, Britain's pet charity has produced the leaflet in conjunction with safety and animal welfare experts at the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). The leaflet is also being backed by the British Fireworks Association (BFA), which represents 95 per cent of the UK's firework manufacturers and importers.

Julie Bedford, head of animal behaviour at The Blue Cross said: "Every year we are contacted by concerned pet owners asking for advice on how to reduce the trauma their pets experience from fireworks. Thousands of pets each year suffer long term behavioural problems as a result, but our leaflet gives positive advice which can reduce the trauma and misery that fireworks can cause."


The Blue Cross has been heavily involved over the last year in supporting the Private Members Bill on firework reform that was introduced by Labour MP Bill Tynan. This has now successfully passed into law and The Blue Cross will remain involved in forthcoming Government consultations on the issue of fireworks. Last year it supported the British Fireworks Association in the banning of 'air-bomb' fireworks - a step which is set to result in 30 million fewer firework explosions every year.

John Woodhead, Chairman of the British Fireworks Association says: "The BFA are delighted to have a working relationship with The Blue Cross. We believe that by withdrawing much of the noise and nuisance element from fireworks, together with The Blue Cross positive advice, pets, their owners and also the public at large will have a much less disturbed time."

The leaflet is being distributed in-store by the Morrisons supermarket chain, Focus Wickes and by members of the British Firework Association through their supply chains, and through fire and police station, schools, hospitals and community centres throughout the UK. The leaflet can also be viewed and downloaded from or from the Department of Trade and Industry website at