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Mr Arthur Reed

OUR DOGS is sorry to report the death last week of Mr Arthur Reed at the age of 92. The cremation will take place on Thursday October 16th at Forest of Dean Crematorium, one mile out of Cinderfoot on the B4226.

We were very sad when Julie Reed rang on Thursday evening to say that Arthur had died that evening. I am not going to give any of Arthur's accomplishments as an exhibitor or judge, I will leave that to others.

We have lost one of the finest stewards in the country and one of life's gentlemen. Not much ever went wrong in Arthur and Julie’s ring, he was always calmly confident. There was always time for the person as well as the dog, especially if either of them was new to the showring. His knowledge of ring protocol and rules was second to none and many a secretary was thankful for his advice, as they were for his unfailing presence when they asked him to officiate at their shows.

Any budding steward who asked would be taken under his wing and with kindness and firmness be taught his skills. One point he always made: - Make the ring HAPPY, get the people to enjoy themselves, the judge will then enjoy it, and it will turn out to be fun as a hobby should.

Thanks Arthur for the time and trouble you took with many of us, we hope we live up to your high standards. We will miss you.

Terry and Maureen Donovan (Mr & Mrs Polo)