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Thieves steal two-week-old puppies

A GANG of teenage thieves stole six Lakeland Terrier puppies from a shed in the back garden of a house in Wolverhampton.

The puppies were just two weeks-old and their owner warned in the local press they could die if they were not looked after properly. Owner Tracy Nicklin, aged 28, believed the culprits must have seen the Lakeland puppies earlier, and scaled the fence at her house in Kent Road, Parkfields, Wolverhampton to get into the garden and steal them.

Her partner Stuart Fellows, aged 35, was planning to keep the puppies and show them, but if they were sold they would fetch about £100 each.

Miss Nicklin said: "We were devastated and their mum, Tangle, was in a terrible state. It was very distressing. The puppies were still suckling their mother so they were not even on proper food yet and they could have died without the proper attention."

Miss Nicklin urged anyone who was offered one of the puppies to report anything suspicious to her or to the local police.

Fortunately, thanks to the help of residents in the All Saints area, the couple managed to trace and recover five of the puppies and get a good description of the teenage thieves who stole them. Police are investigating the matter further.

One remains missing, and now Tracy has promised a £100 reward for its return, although there are doubts that the tiny dog could still be alive without specialist care.