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Unwanted and unloved – the other Iain Duncan Smith!

UNWANTED, UNLOVED and feeling very blue … when three adorable, fluffy cross-breed puppies were dumped in a box at Dogs Trust, Salisbury, during the Conservative conference week, staff thought that their situation was very similar to Tory leader, Iain Duncan Smith.

And that’s why they named the cute eight-week-old pups, Iain, Duncan and Smith!

Like their namesake, they are facing their own troubles and strife. Now safe and sound at Dogs Trust Salisbury, the little pups are seeking attention and loving new homes in Wiltshire, Hampshire or Dorset with owners who really care about them.

Alison Rodger, Dogs Trust Salisbury centre manager commented: ‘We thought the names Iain, Duncan and Smith were very appropriate for the puppies as they were feeling very unloved. Whatever their pawlitical persuasion, these three pups are full of energy and mischief – not at all quiet or grey!’.