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Canine Capers!
Dogs get state of the art training facilities!

Bishop Burton College has just invested £12,500 in upgrading it’s dog training facilities, and a state of the art dog training surface has been installed at the College.

Gone is the slippery and uneven grass paddock, and in its place is an 800 square meters all weather surface. This will enable students, and in particular the Higher National Certificate (HNC) Canine Behaviour and Training students, to train their dogs outside all year round. The surface is fully drained and is comprised of sand and rubber chips made from old Concord tyres!

Another recent acquisition is a new full set of competition agility equipment. This includes such equipment as tunnels, weaving poles, hurdles, A frame, tyre jump, dogwalk and see-saw.

The College plans to make it’s dog training facilities available for public hire at a later date.