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THE GERMAN SHEPHERD helpline is asking all people who donated money to help the treatment of ‘Jake’, the GSD who needed treatment for a painful fistula operation to contact them as a matter of urgency.

Earlier this year, OUR DOGS exclusively reported how 3 year-old Jake was rescued from owners who neglected to have his painful fistula condition operated However, thanks to the intervention of GSD rescue – brought about by OUR DOGS – a significant contribution to the dog’s treatment was been donated.

When rescued by a well-meaning dog lover, Jake was badly infected and in pain, suffering from an Anal Furunculosis. The perforation of Jake’s anal tissue was so severe that there wasn’t enough solid flesh to stitch together, although he felt that, as Jake was a young dog, he might respond favourably to a long-term course of Cyclodsporan antibiotics, which would help the damaged tissue to heal.

The treatment came with an estimated cost of £2,500 to £3,000. The dog’s rescuer donated £1,000 herself, whilst an appeal was made via OUR DOGS to seek donations to help pay for Jake’s treatment.

Alyson Lockwood of GSD Helpline spoke to the dog’s new owners after being alerted to his plight by OUR DOGS. The Helpline’s Trustees agreed that Jake was a deserving case and authorised a donation towards his treatment.

She told OUR DOGS at the time: "I have spoken to the Trustees of the Rocky Trust Fund/ GSD Helpline and we are able to donate £250 towards the cost of Jake’s treatment. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that some of this can help with his care."

The Helpline co-ordinated all donations received from concerned readers.

Now Alyson needs all people who donated money towards Jake’s treatment to contact her as a matter of urgency, on 0191-413 2038