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Allan Taylor (Tyrella)

Allan Taylor died on the 20th May 2003 after a long and hard battle with MS. For more that ten years he had been unable to take part in many of the activities he loved. This did not in any way take away from his sense of humour or his determination to do as much as he could in every way. He made several trips to Mount Snowdon in a wheelchair to raise funds for the MS Society, and did a great deal of charity work aided by his wife Val, Hon. Treasurer of the TTA, and he kept on joking to the end.

He was a Vice-President of the Flint and District Canine Society and founder and Vice-President of his local MS support centre. Before he became confined to his wheelchair he was a master organiser of the TTA annual Fun Days and a great fundraiser for TT rescue and welfare with the famous "Wheel of Fortune". He and Val organised and ran the Northern Fun Day for many years that were a huge success and enjoyed by all who took part in them. His wheelchair was, as Allan advertised a "recycled Porsche" and he whizzed around the halls at Crufts and off to the pub at the Fun Day at Harper Adams College aided and abetted by his pals always smiling and laughing in public, though it must have been very hard for such an active person to be restricted by his illness.

Allan served for many years in the Queens Lancashire Regiment and his service took him to Germany, Ireland and as far away as New Zealand. When he left the service, he and Val started the now famous Tyrella Rosettes following their deep interest in dogs. We see them everywhere and they hang on our walls recalling our successes and now in remembrance of a friend who has left us.

Val and Allan's first dogs were Pyrenean Mountain Dogs in which they had considerable success. Their first Tibetan Terrier was the bitch Bawnduv Lady Arranoza bred by Mr and Mrs Howard Tonks by Luneville Prince Keeba ex Tia Sylvia born 15.06.75. She became the foundation bitch for Tyrella, mated to Ch Dokham Gerard she produced Tyrella Trelawney born 15.06.77 and so the Tyrella TT's began.

Allan will be remembered by those of us involved in TT's since the seventies, he was willing to lend a hand at any TT function or to his friends. That we have not seen him around lately doesn't mean we did not think about him or remember him in happier times for him and for Val too.