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Bax is Sieger ‘ 03

The famous SV Sieger show was held from 5-7th September 2003 in Ulm, near Stuttgart, Germany culminating in a win for BAX von der LUISENSTRASSE from the GHKLR class for males two years and over, judged by Erich Orschler. Reserve Sieger (from the same class) was LARUS VON BATU.

Siegerin 2003 (from the GHKLH class for females two years and over, judged by Leonhard Schweikert) CORA VON BAISTAFDER HOF. Reserve Siegerin (same class) QUALLI von der FLUR.

Youth Sieger (from JHKLR class for males 18-24 months, judged by Bernhard Norda) ZAMB VON THERMODOS. Youth Siegerin (from JHKLH class for females 18 - 24 months, judged by Wolfgang Babilon) GERMANY v. VIERSTADER HOF.

Young Sieger (from JKLR class for males 12-18 months, judged by Klaus Gothe) OLIVER v. LAUCHERHAUS. Young Siegerin (from JHLH class for females 12-18 months, judged by Richard Brauch) TARA v. HANNESS.

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