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Bob the Builder goes caravanning!

‘Bob the Builder’ and his friends decided to take a week's holiday in their caravan to the Welsh Kennel Club Show held in Builth Wells. He wrote a Daily Account of the events!

Saturday - Arrived safely at 11.30 am. Time to start work. Scoop, Spud, Dizzy, Wendy & I unpacked the caravan & van including my 12 foot ladder. By the time we'd emptied everything out I must admit it looked more like the start of a car boot sale! "Wendy" put the dogs in cages at the side of the van. As a builder everything has to be "perfect" so it took us three hours to erect the awning.

Windbreaks were next & they had to be at 90 degree angles so I paced it all out - again & again & again. Dogs had to be moved to the front of the caravan as the sun was now on them - "Dizzy" gave them a drink. It's now 6 pm. Time to put up the Gazebo - every pole joint had to be parcel taped - it's Safety first on our building site. Think I'll put up two gazebos. 10 pm - Done!

Sunday - Windbreaks need re-adjusting. Dog fencing now fastened down properly & in the right place - for now. Electric lights now hanging from the gazebos.

Monday - Day out. Had to get everyone up early. All had showers & so needed to dry their hair. Generator on - no problem - after all it is 6.30am.

Tuesday - Time to start on the garden area. We needed candles for atmosphere & lamps to get rid of the night bugs.

Wednesday - Gazebos need curtains - look pretty now they are tied back says "Wendy".

Thursday - Idle hands & I'm bored so some work in progress needed. I know - we'll build an extra sun canopy using the existing wooden frames & a blue plastic cover - (Can We Fix It - Yes We Can!) "Scoop" & "Travis" helped to set it up with the aid of my 12 foot ladder, a staple gun with loads of staples & yet more parcel tape. I found some cable clips on a telegraph post so I'll be able to tidy up all my electric wires for the lights.

Friday - We finally decided to put in Garden Furniture & "Do" the flower arrangements plus finish off the wiring for flashing lights & Music ready for tonight's Party. Then we put up Flags & Bunting & dressed the wooden framework of our "New" Sun Canopy.

Saturday - Had a great time - so I was told. Went to the show. MISSED MY CLASS !!!

Sunday - We're packing up & going home

Monday - Still packing up! - Might just make it in time for SKC!