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SCAS plans international conference
on influence of pets on children

The influence of pets on children will be the focus of an international one day conference on Tuesday 14th October, hosted by the Society for Companion Animal Studies (SCAS).

SCAS Director, Jo-Ann Dono, explains: "This conference will address a range of important issues such as the health benefits of pet ownership for children, how to promote positive children-animal interactions and how children and pets can be 'good citizens'."

Research to be explored by Dr June McNicholas, Health Psychologist and Senior Research Fellow at the University of Warwick, demonstrates that interaction with pets can positively influence a child's physical and mental wellbeing. Other topics to be covered at the conference include:

Children, Pets and Health: Review of the latest research on successful management of asthma

Children, Pets and Education: Discussion of important role pets play at schools and other institutions

Appropriate Pet Selection: Getting it right from the start

Dogs as Good Citizens: Report on new pilot programme in Blue Cross

Children's Emotional Health and Animals as Therapy: Review of "Detraumatisation" project in post-war Bosnia Hercegovina

Children, Pets and Well-being: Introduction to programme in Belgian Schools promoting positive interactions between children and dogs

NEW BOOKLET - an indispensable guide for parents, teachers, therapists

SCAS will also be launching a NEW booklet at the conference entitled Pets and Children - a guide for parents, teachers and therapists, an informative guide to developing positive interactions between pets and children.

If you are interested in attending the conference or would like to receive more information on the presentation material please contact:

Fritha Minter, Sara Knudsen, Hannah Jolly at the SCAS Press Office: 0207 255 1100 or