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World Record Agility - it’s official!

The East of England World Record Agility Team

After many weeks of waiting for confirmation, the All About Dogs office have received the Certificate and documentation from Guinness World Records to confirm that on Sunday 11th May 2003, the East of England Agility team set a record for the fastest time over the world’s largest agility course.

The World Record Agility attempt was the brainchild of Roy Dyer, show director for the All About Dogs Show, which is held in Brentwood each year.

Roy said, ‘I had been toying with the idea for a few years to stage the World’s biggest agility course, and felt this year, the time was right; it was a mammoth task, with a great deal of form filling and paperwork involved and not surprisingly an expensive exercise’.

The 150m x 60m course was meticulously measured and set out to conform with the requirements of Guinness World Records. The course master was Andy Widdess who spent a great deal of time working out the amazing course, which consisted of 200 pieces of equipment, along with Ray Amps of RVA Agility Equipment and Steve Nelson and their team, it took an amazing eight hours to set out the course. With the camera’s, timekeepers, judges and stewards in place, television commentator Peter Purves, set the attempt in motion. A vast audience saw the ten dogs and handlers making up the East of England Team, complete their recording breaking course in an amazing time of 5.42.08 seconds and even more incredible, there was just 5 faults from all ten dogs.

Roy Dyer added, ‘I could certainly see the time being beaten in future attempts, but the five faults is another matter’.

If anyone would like to stage an attempt on the World Agility Record, Roy has all the plans and details.

The East of England World Record Agility Team are:Jane Fuller and Dale; Valerie Amps and Toggi; Gareth Graham and Meg; Ray Clack and Bess; Steve Rose and Shiloh; Gary Harrison and Meg; Neil Lye and Sam; Kathy Witt and Sasha; Niki Merdon and Tippy; Tania Heatherington-Cleverly and Nelly

The Judges were Andy Widdess and Steve Nelson. Timekeeper – Nigel Rudd Stewards – Ray Amps Gill Spurr, Helen Chambers