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Mr Brian Plummer

The world is poorer place with the passing of Brian Plummer, after a battle he knew he could not win.

A prolific writer all his life, Brian has more than 75 dog related titles in print. His passion for hunting and working dogs made him a household name in those circles. For the rest of us he will forever be remembered for the classic "It will be alright night" clip, where Brian’s ferret hung on like grim death to Richard Whitley’s finger. Brian always regretted he never got royalties for endless repeats.!

Brian’s capacity for knowledge was endless, I never found a subject he could not enlighten me on. The Scottish Pomeranian Club asked him to talk at a seminar on the subject of worms. A subject with its limits, one might say, but not only was Brian extremely informative but had his audience rolling in the isles with laughter.

This summer saw his creation the Plummer Terrier on view at the Scottish Kennel Club Show, amid some controversy, something Brian thrived upon. The considerable feedback he received made him immensely proud.

Brian was a unique person, his like we will never see again. Much sympathy goes to his wife Norma.

Eve Smail

Carole Elizabeth Farquhar

WE ARE sorry to record the death, on Tuesday 9th September 2003, of Mrs Carole Elizabeth Farquhar of the Spica Bobtails. The funeral was held on Tuesday 16th September at All Saints, Easton. Our sympathy to husband Brian and children at this sad time.