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Wheaten Health Initiative

"Their Health in Our Hands"

The WHI is a focus group formed by a number of owners and breeders who believe in the health and well being of the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. With the involvement of worldwide ancestry with in the breed it is their belief that easier access to information on testing and any new developments be made available to this country and others from all around the world.

It is with this in mind that the group have organised a unique opportunity for owners and breeders of the SCWT and indeed for those of other breeds who have a predisposition to renal problems of a similar nature to attend a 'Seminar on Protein Losing Diseases, Renal Dysplasia & Addison's Disease'.

SCWT Health Notebook Seminar

Entitled the 'SCWT Health Notebook Seminar', Janet Petros from the USA, will talk about the new and ongoing research into inherited PLE (Protein Losing Enteropathy) and PLN (Protein Losing Nephropathy), RD (Renal Dysplasia) and Addison's disease, together with the early detection and treatment of these diseases. Although principally concerned with the SCWT it is not alone in its predisposition and therefore this seminar could be of great use to all breeds, of which there are some 22, where a similar predisposition to such diseases occurs and will provide a unique opportunity to learn of the research and developments currently underway in the USA. It should be noted that Juvenile renal disease and other familial and congenital renal diseases are seen in more than thirty breeds of dog, with 22 having a renal dysphasia similar to that seen in Standard Poodles. To learn more and perhaps whet your appetite enough to want to attend this seminar you may wish to visit the following web site

This educational seminar is open to all owners, breeders and veterinary health professionals.

Janet Petros is the immediate past Health Chair of the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of America, Vice President of the SCWT Endowment Fund and the recipient of the SCWTCA's Jan Linscheid Fellowship Award. Although Janet talks have been presented extensively in North America this the first time that such a seminar will have been staged in the UK or indeed Europe.

Janet will present the Health seminar on October 26th, 2003 at the Sports Connexion, Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Warwickshire. The days programme will commence at 10a.m. with coffee and the seminar presentation will begin at 10:30a.m. prompt. Topics on the agenda will include an overview of the Wheaten research projects currently being undertaken in the USA, that 'early detection means early management' and the current recommended health screening for PLE,PLN,RD and Addison's Disease.

A further part of the seminar will include the protocol for Fecal API collections for PLE and information regarding the new Heska E.R.D. (MA) testing kit to detect early renal disease. Learning how to interpret your Blood and Urine Reports is also an important aspect which attendees will be able to assimilate. Janet will also discuss the sensitive issue of when and why there will be a need for a Post-mortem and report on the use of the 'OPEN REGISTRY'.

Other speakers on the day will be Roni Andrews and Jim Andrews, of the Soldiersong Affix/Kennel, and have been in Wheatens for 18 plus years. Roni is the legislative chair and also has worked closely with the health committee on many various projects over a lot of those years. Roni recently, along with others, helped in the organising of the privately funded SCWT Health Conference Specialty at Keystone Resort, Colorado to raise funds toward the Health fund.

It was to this same conference that three members of the WHI attended and was greeted with a very warm welcome. Their experiences there are being related in the next WHI Newsletter but needless to say they were witness to some health information not commonly known in this country which leaves us all waiting eagerly for our very own seminar in October.

Finally but by no means least, Kathy Clarke, Mansura Affix/Kennel, and has owned Wheatens since 1983. Kathy has lost a dog/dogs to PLE/PLN, her last dog Jessie was the health mascot, he had just finished his championship when they discovered he had PLN. Kathy and her Boyfriend who is a Vet used some new treatments on Jessie and managed to keep him in reasonably good health until they lost him to protein losing disease. Kathy will talk on how their treatment made Jessie the longest diagnosed surviving Wheaten. Both Kathy and Roni will also give talks on the Heska E.R.D. (Early Renal Disease) test and the Fecal API testing that is proving to be so successful in detecting these diseases sooner.

The price to attend this unique seminar is just £15 and includes a buffet lunch plus each attending delegate will receive a copy of the Health Notebook.

There will be a raffle for prizes of Wheatie things, many of which not readily available here, made up of donations many from such places as the USA and through the kind support of Vince Hogan, Managing Director 'OUR DOGS', a years free subscription to the paper.

Tickets can be obtained from Malcolm Jeffries 31, Storforth Lane, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S41 0PP. Tel: 01246 554742 or email:

Please make cheques payable to WHEATEN HEALTH INITIATIVE.

Closing date to register for attendance is September 30th, 2003 but it should be remembered that if you cannot commit yourself by this date all is not lost. You can still attend the seminar and turn up on the day where the entrance fee will still be the same.

However, WHI, the organising body, cannot guarantee a lunch or a copy of the Health Notebook. In the event that notebooks are not available to on the day attendee's then, if copies available, for the price of postage and packing a copy can be forwarded.