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Bobby celebrates 21st birthday in style

The longest serving canine member of the renowned Essex Dog Display Team has reached the ripe old age of 21 and is still working, is still bright eyed, bushy tailed and has all of his teeth.

Bobby, who is a handsome terrier cross type of dog, is believed to be, not only the oldest working dog in the country but also to have carried out more displays than any other dog worldwide.

He is an amazing character who has helped to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for Charity and has helped many children overcome their fear of dogs, where they have been encouraged to gently brush or walk Bobby. In 2002 he received an award from the
Pro Dogs organisation for dedication to duty. He is certainly no stranger to television either, with appearances on Blue Peter, he stole the show when he appeared on BBC television's Generation Game on four different occasions, with both Bruce Forsyth and Jim Davidson.

There have been many other television appearances featuring Bobby, which have been shown worldwide.

In 1997 he joined the rest of the Essex Dog Display Team in a unique experience when they become the only civilian dog display team to appear at The Royal Tournament. Bobby along with the rest of the team carried out 24 displays at this premier event and after each display was presented to dignitaries and members of the Royal family, which included Her Majesty the Queen.

He has also appeared at Twickenham, Sandringham House, Gatcombe Park, Sandhurst Military Academy, Whitehall, and hundreds of other prestigious shows throughout the country.

Anybody that has attended Crufts, the Worlds premier dog show over the past 13 years, will have had the opportunity to see Bobby in action on no fewer than 11 occasions, which in itself must be a record.

To celebrate Bobby's incredible achievements a special 21st birthday party, along with a companion/exemption show is being held in his honour at The Essex Dog Training Centre, Doddinghurst Road, Brentwood, Essex, on Sunday 5th October.

Bobby is inviting all his friends, 'doggie' or otherwise to join in the fun and games. Entry to all the classes in the companion show is free, 10 pedigree, 10 novelty and 3 obedience, as are the training classes. With extra attractions such as a 'musical sit', obedience and agility tests, and a display by the Essex Dog Display Team featuring Bobby, it should be a great fun and learning day about dogs.

Entries at 11am, Judging starts at 12 noon.
The Essex Dog Display Team will be appearing at approximately 2pm.
All enquiries 0870 730 8555