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KC upholds coat test complaint

TWO MINIATURE Schnauzer exhibitors have been warned, censured and fined £100 by the Kennel Club when traces of lacquer, chalk and talc were found in the coat of the their exhibit at Border Union championship show last June after a random coat test.

Risepark Jack The Lad, owned by Mr & Mrs D G Wilkinson of Crook, Co. Durham, which tested positive, had won best of breed under Mr Mike Gilchrist and was coat-tested at the show after a random instruction was issued the day before the show by the Kennel Club.

Under the supervision of KC Field Officer Mr Ron Jubb, who attended the show in Kelso from his home in Doncaster, both ‘Jack The Lad’ and the reserve BOB were tested at the show by hair samples being taken by the duty veterinary surgeon.

But the owners protested their ‘innocence’ after a formal KC Rule A42 complaint was laid against them last july. In correspondence to the Kennel Club they apologised for not removing all chalk and talc from the coat in the cleaning pre-show cleaning process but said that they did not know from where the traces of lacquer came that were found in coat sample.

Consistent with previous practice the two exhibits were discreetly approached and escorted from the ring on the second day of the show and taken to the veterinary surgeon’s office on the showground where the samples were taken from the head and croup areas and placed in sealed bags and marked in the presence of the Field Officer, the veterinary surgeon and the exhibitor concerned.

The complaint was formally issued the following day by the Kennel Club itself as the samples direct to forensic laboratories in Cheshire for close inspection and reports which were sent back to the Kennel Club some four days later.

As a result of the positive findings on the best of breed’s coat formal Kennel Club Rule A42 proceedings were activated and Mr & Mrs D G Wilkinson of Crook, Co. Durham were charged with ‘behaving discreditably and prejudicially to the interests of the canine world in permitting the contravention of Regulation F (B) 2 (a).’

Mr & Mrs Wilkinson did not attend the hearing at the Kennel Club on Wednesday of last week when the Disciplinary Sub committee heard the complaint.

In a press release issued last week the Kennel Club said:-

Regulation F (B) 2 (a)

‘The Committee accept the laboratory finding that the three substances, lacquer, chalk and talc were found in the coat.

‘However, the Committee note the explanation provided by Mr and Mrs Wilkinson that they did not apply any lacquer and that lacquer was found in only one of the two test areas sampled. Accordingly, the complaint in respect of Regulation F (B) 2 (a) is not upheld.

Regulation F (B) 2 (b)

‘The Committee having carefully considered the evidence, find that the complaint brought by the Kennel Club under Kennel Club Rule A42 a (1) (b) against Mr and Mrs Wilkinson namely that they behaved discreditably or prejudicially to the interests of the canine world in that they permitted the contravention of Kennel Club Regulation F (B) 2 (b), is upheld.

‘The Committee impose the following penalties:

‘1. Tow warn them as to their future conduct [A42 J (1)]
‘2. To censure them [A42 J (2)]
‘3. To fine them the sum of £100 [A42 J (3)]

‘The Committee directed that all awards for Risepark Jack the Lad at the Border Union Agricultural Society Championship Show held on 15 june 2003 be disqualified.

‘The Committee would remind all exhibitors that it is their responsibility to ensure that any substance used in the preparation for exhibition is not allowed to remain in the coat or any part of the dog at the time of exhibition.’