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Allegations against hunt ‘false and unfounded’

A Committee of Inquiry was held at Builth Wells to investigate allegations made by the League Against Cruel Sports against the Plas Machynlleth Hunt. The Committee found, having viewed the edited video release to the media by the League, and questioned hunt officials the allegations were unfounded. Indeed the Inquiry Committee specifically commented that the League, (which had declined an invitation to attend the Inquiry), in a statement to the press had admitted that their representative had prolonged the suffering of an injured fox.

The Committee was also satisfied that the other foxes featured in the video were humanely dispatched with a licensed firearm. They were however critical of the fact that the hounds were allowed to encroach whilst the hunt terrierman was carrying out his duties.

Mr David Thomas on behalf of the Federation of Welsh Packs said, ‘The Plas Machynlleth is an old established farmers' hunt whose members and supporters are an integral part of the local community. They provide an essential service to the farming community, especially now during the lambing season, where local farmers are experiencing losses.

‘Hunting with hounds is the only effective method of fox control in Wales that is open and accountable. We are delighted that the Committee of Inquiry has recommended the immediate lifting of the suspension, which shows that this was nothing more than a propaganda exercise carried out by the opponents of hunting.

‘A full transcript of the hearing will now be forwarded to the Independent Supervisory Authority of Hunting chaired by Sir Ronald Waterhouse’.